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Dappervolk is a virtual pet game and avatar site with RPG elements. The player is a world-hopper, one who has arrived in this world from elsewhere and has no memories of their former life. World-hoppers can be one of four races - humans, animals, elves, and galactics - and contain magical powers beyond the norm in Dappervolk's world. One such power includes the ability to transform inanimate objects into living creatures. The player is encouraged to travel the world in order to uncover the truth about themselves and the other world-hoppers, along the way befriending others and resolving problems.

Specific items can be "incubated", which will cause them to come to life after enough time has passed. Pets can be fed, interacted with, and given items as gifts, all of which make them friendlier. A pet at maximum affection may change its appearance, and user-made items called accessories may also be applied to a pet to give it a unique look. Food and special items called totems can increase a pet's stats. The player may select one pet as their active companion, which will cause that pet's stats to be granted to the player as buffs for as long as that pet remains active.

As the player explores the world, they will befriend NPCs and be asked to do quests for them. Quests may be blocked off or have diverging branches depending on the player's stats, and it is even possible to permanently fail a quest if the wrong choices are made. Quest rewards include rare items and access to shops, and main storyline quests affect the player's alliances and progress through the world.

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