đŸ‘Ÿ The lost Atari arcade game returns with Jeff Minter's Akka Arrh

God of War

aka: GoW2018

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PlayStation 4 credits (2018)

1,758 People (1,698 developers, 60 thanks)

Santa Monica Studio

Creative Director
Directors of Product Development
Head of Studio

Santa Monica Studio: Narrative

Written by
Story and Narrative Design Lead
Director of Photography
Story and Narrative Design
Narrative Design
Narrative Scripting
Narrative Camera Animation
Camera Operator
Senior Managing Producer (Narrative)

Santa Monica Studio: Design

Design Director
Gameplay Design Lead
Systems Design Lead
Level Design Leads
Level Technical Design Lead
Combat Design
Combat Technical Design
Systems Design
Systems Technical Design
Level Design
Additional Level Design
Level Technical Design
Collision Design
Encounter Design
Camera Design
Additional Design
Senior Managing Producer (Design)

Santa Monica Studio: Programming

Technical Director
Gameplay Programming Lead
Engine Programming Lead
Tools Programming Lead
Gameplay Programming
Engine Programming
Tools Programming
Senior Manager Programming

Santa Monica Studio: Art

Concept Art Leads
Character Art Lead
Character Technical Art Lead
Environment Art Leads
Visual Effects Lead
Concept Art
Character Art
Character Technical Art
Environment Art
Environment Art - Dynamics
Environment Technical Art
Visual Effects
Art Outsourcing
Senior Managing Producer (Art)

Santa Monica Studio: Animation

Animation Director
Narrative Animation Lead
Gameplay Animation Lead
Narrative Animation
Gameplay Animation
Animation Outsourcing

Santa Monica Studio: Production

Senior Producers
Associate Producers
Assistant Producers
Production Coordinators
Production Assistant
Operations Associate Production Manager
Operations Production Coordinator
Senior Managing Producer (Production)

Santa Monica Studio: Sound and Music

Score produced by
Sound Design Lead
Technical Sound Design Lead
Casting and Talent Manager
Lead Dialog Coordinator
Music Editing
Sound Design
Technical Sound Design
Additional Technical Sound Design
Sr. Dialog Coordinator

Santa Monica Studio: Quality Assurance Operations

Quality Assurance Leads
Quality Assurance Assistant Leads
Senior Quality Assurance Analysts
Quality Assurance Analysts
Quality Assurance Manager

Santa Monica Studio: Additional Credits

Additional Narrative
Additional Design
Additional Programming
Additional Art
Additional Animation
Additional Production
Additional QA
Additional Development Support

Santa Monica Studio: Studio

Senior Manager, Business Finance & Operations
Sr. Project Manager
Production Coordinator
Sr. Online Community Strategist
Online Community Manager

Santa Monica Studio: HR

Lead Recruiter
Recruiting Coordinator
Technical Sourcers
Sr. Director, Talent Programs
Senior Manager, HR Business Partner
YOH Program Manager

Santa Monica Studio: Information Technology

Senior Manager, Information Technology
Manager, Information Technology
Senior Systems Administrator
Systems Administrators
Associate IT Support Specialist

Santa Monica Studio: Facilities

Facilities Manager
Sr. Mailroom Clerk
Facilities Technician

Santa Monica Studio: Special Thanks

Special Thanks
We would like to thank

Santa Monica Studio: Cast

Principal Cast
Additional Voices
Movement and Mocap
Scanning Talent
Support Talent

Santa Monica Studio: Music

Music composed by
London Session Orchestra conducted by
Schola Cantorum Choir conducted by
London Voices conducted by
The City of Prague Philharmonic Choir conducted by
Featured Performer
Additional Music by

Development Partners

Valkyrie Entertainment, LLC.
Cubic Motion

Development Partners: Technicolor

VP - Creative Animation & Games
Head of Production
Creative Director
Department Director
Animation Supervisor
Sr. Artists
Line Producer
Production Coordinator

Development Partners: Original Force Ltd

Project Managers
Project Leads
Quality Check

Development Partners: RedHotCG

Art Directors

Development Partners (continued)

Development Partners
  • Blind Squirrel
  • Mood
  • 3Lateral
  • Section Studio
  • West Studio
  • Virtuos

Sony Interactive Entertainment

President & CEO

Sony Interactive Entertainment, Worldwide Studios

Chairman, Worldwide Studios
President, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Worldwide Studios
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Studio America
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Studios Europe
Senior Vice President and CTO Worldwide Studios

SIE Worldwide Studios Europe International Software Development

Senior Director, International Software Development
Senior Director, International Localisation Services
Head of International Software Development
Head of International Localisation Services
Senior Producer
Localisation Services Project Manager
Events and Communications Manager
Special Thanks

SIE, Worldwide Studios Japan Studio: Business Development Dept.

Associate Producer
Associate Localization Specialist / Translator
Director of Localization
Special Thanks

SIE, Worldwide Studios Japan Studio: Creative Product Service Department

Design Section
Video Section: Video Editorial Engineers

SIE, Worldwide Studios Japan Studio: Japanese Voiceover Production

Principal Cast
Additional Voices

SIE, Worldwide Studios Japan Studio: Production Staff

Recording Production
  • AC Create Co. Ltd.
Recording Director
Recording Co-Directors
Recording Co-ordinators
Special Thanks
Recording Studios
  • Pandastudio.TV Inc.
  • Tokyo TV Center Div.
Recording Engineers

Product Development Service Groups

Senior Director of Service Groups

PDSG Music

Director of Music
Music Engineering and Production Supervisor
Music Editing and Integration
Score recorded at
  • Air Studios; London; United Kingdom
  • StĂșdio SĂœrland; ReykjavĂ­k; Iceland
  • Angel Studios; London; United Kingdom
  • Smecky Music Studio; Prague; Czech Republic
  • Ocean Way Studios; Nashville; United States
Score recorded by
Score mixed by
Assistant Engineers
Protools Operators
Orchestration by
Old Norse Lyric Translation by
Old Norse Lyric Transliteration by
Scoring Managers
Scoring Coordinator
Scoring Assistants
Orchestra and London Voices Contractor
Assistant Contractor
Schola Cantorum Choir Contractor
Prague Choir Contractor
Nashville Scoring Orchestra Contractor
Assistant Orchestrators
Senior A&R Manager
Senior Music Affairs Manager
Music Affairs Specialist
Senior Music Department Coordinator
Senior Music Department Assistant
Music Department Assistant
Special Thanks

PDSG Sound

Senior Manager Sound Design
Manager Sound Design and Dialog
Senior Sound Designers
Sound Designers
Additional Sound Design
Senior Cinematic Sound Designer
Dialog Recordist
Dialog Coordinators
Additional Dialog Editorial
Casting and Talent Manager
Casting and Talent Coordinator
Lead Project Manager
Department Coordinator
House Engineer

PDSG Sound: CSG Sound

Senior Sound Editor
Audio Manager
Junior Sound Editor
Producer, Software Development
Dialog Editor

PDSG Sound: Formosa Interactive, Voice Over Services

Vice President
Director, Voice Over Services
Senior Project Manager
Project Coordinators
Administrative Assistant
Casting Director
Voice Over Directors
Vocal Coach
Lead Engineer
Assistant Engineer
Editorial Supervisor
Editorial Coordinator
Dialogue Editors

PDSG Sound: Formosa Interactive, Sound Design and Editorial

Vice President, Creative Services
Supervising Sound Designer
Manager, Production Finance and Operations
Director, Business Development
Sound Designers

PDSG Sound: The Soundlab at Technicolor

Sound Designer
Foley Artists
Foley Mixer

PDSG Sound: Side UK

Head of Audio
Dialogue Editors

PDSG Sound: Warner Bros PPS Game Audio

Foley Artists
Foley Mixer

PDSG Visual Arts

Director of Visual Arts

PDSG Visual Arts Production

Senior Manager of Production
Production Supervisors
Senior Project Manager
Project Manager
Project Coordinator

PDSG Motion Capture & Scanning

Senior Manager of Motion Capture and Scanning
Project Manager Motion Capture and Scanning

PDSG Motion Capture - Los Angeles

Motion Capture Manager
Motion Capture Studio Supervisors
Motion Capture Lead Studio Technician
Senior Motion Capture Studio Technicians
Motion Capture Studio Technicians
Key Set Production Assistant
Production Coordinator, Motion Captur
Production Assistants

PDSG Motion Capture - San Diego

Senior Motion Capture Tracker
Motion Capture Tracker
Lead Scan Technician
Scan Technician
Motion Capture Studio Technicians
Make Up Artist

PDSG Animation

Senior Manager of Animation
Final Animation Manager
Animation Supervisor
Lead Animator
Camera Layout Supervisor
Camera Layout Artists
Motion Edit Manager
Motion Edit Supervisor
Technical Animation Production Support Manager
Technical Supervisor
Technical Artist Leads

PDSG Art Development

Studio Art Director
Senior Art Manager
Art Manager
Senior Art Project Manager
Principal Artist
2D Art Supervisor
2D Concept Artist
Blendshape Supervisor
Lead Blendshape Artist
Blendshape Artists
Lead Character Artist
Character Artists
Senior Technical Artist
3D Artists

PDSG Engineering

Manager of Software Engineering

PDSG Research & Development

Character Tech & Research Manager
TD Supervisor
Technical Project Managers

PDSG Service Development

Service Development & Operations Manager
QA Technical Coordination

PDSG Studio Support

Business Operations Manager
Studio Coordinator & Analyst
YOH On-Site
Studio Systems Administrator

PDSG Fabrication Arts & Design

Senior Manager

PDSG Creative

Director of Creative
Production Managers
Art Director
Creative Director
Senior Artist
Senior Editor
Senior Engineer
Senior Project Manager
Motion Designers
Graphic Designers
Studio Engineers

PDSG Operations & Business Finance Support

Business Finance & OPS Manager
Financial Planning Analyst
PDSG Operations Supervisor
Associate Business Systems Analyst
Web Developers
Senior Department Administrative Assistant

Global Platform: WWS QA

Senior Director, WWS QA
Senior Department Administrators

Global Platform: WWS QA Test Services America

Director, WWS QA Test Services
Manager, Test Services
Lead Quality Assurance Testers, Functional Test Services
Game Test Analysts, Functional Test Services

Global Platform: WWS QA Test Services Europe

Senior Manager, Test Services
Test Managers
Functional Test Leads
Functional Testers (Contract)
Test Coordinator

Global Platform: WWS QA Localisation Test Services

Localisation Test Specialist
Localisation Test Leads
Localisation Testers (Contract)
Additional Localisation Testing

Global Platform: WWS QA Test Services Japan

Director, WWS QA Test Services
Manager, Test Services
Associate Manager, Test Services
QA Engineers
QA Testers

Global Platform: Resource Services

Resoruce Services Manager
Principal Supplier Coordinator
Supplier Coordinators
Asset Coordinators
Lead Supplier and QA Support Analyst
Resource Coordinators

Global Platform: WWS QA Engineering

Director, WWS QA Engineering
Department Assistant
Manager, Certified Services

Global Platform: Release Management

Associate Managers
Senior Release Managers
Release Managers
Associate Release Managers
Release Operative

Global Platform: Content & Ratings

Content & Ratings Manager
Associate Content & Ratings Managers

Global Platform: Compliance Services

Compliance Test Leads
Senior Compliance Testers
Compliance Testers
Compliance Testers (Contract), Engineering Services (EU)
Compliance Engineering Lead
Compliance Analyst

Global Platform: Release Engineering & Media

Manager, Release Engineering & Media
Senior Release Engineers
Release Engineers
Principal Release Engineering Operative
Release Engineering Operatives

Global Platform: Tools & Test Engineering

Manager, Test & Tools Engineering
Associate Tools Engineer
Data Visualisation Engineer

Global Platform: Business Services

Director, WWS QA Business Services
Director, Translation Services
Manager, Translation Services
Associate Translators
Assistant Translator

Global Platform: Tools Support

Manager, Tools Support
Senior Application Administrator
Application Support Analysts
Application Administrator, Tools Support
Service Coordinator

Global Platform: WWS Global Information Technology

Senior Director, WWS Information Technology
Director, Information Technology
Director, Engineering & Ops
Director, Infosec & Enterprise Architecture
Principal Enterprise Architect
Senior Enterprise Architects
Senior Penetration Tester
Senior Information Security Engineer
Information Security Administrator
Information Security Manager
Information Security Engineer
Information Security Project Manager

Global Platform: Global Information Technology

Manager, Network Operations Center
Manager, Information Technology
NOC Tech III (Leads)
NOC Tech I
Staff Systems Administrator
Senior Systems Administrators
Systems Administrators
Senior Network Systems Engineer
Network System Engineers
Application Integration Engineer

Global Platform: Global Technical Services

Senior Manager, Engineering
Staff Engineer
Senior Engineers
Senior Storage Engineer
Senior Systems Administrator
Senior Systems & Network Engineer

Global Platform: UK & Europe Information Technology

Director of Information Technology
Department Assistant & PA

Global Platform: Information Technology Operations, London

Senior Manager Information Technology Operations
Operations Lead, South East
Infrastructure Analysts
Senior Support Analyst
Support Analyst
Junior Support Analyst
Apprentice Support Analyst
Desktop Analyst

Global Platform: Information Technology Operations, Liverpool

Information Technology Manager
Support Analysts
Support Analyst, Manchester
Apprentice Support Analyst

Global Platform: Information Technology Engineering

Lead Engineer, South East
Engineering Specialists

Global Platform: Application Development & Procurement

Manager, App Dev & Procurement
Procurement Assistant
Sharepoint Developer

Global Platform: Project Management

Senior Manager, ITSM & Project Delivery
Project Manager

Global Technology: Advanced Technology Group

Senior Director, Advanced Technology Group
Advanced Technology Group

Global Technology: WWS Experience Lab

Director, UX Research
Manager, UX Research
Principle UX Researcher
UX Researchers
Tools Programmer

Global Technology: WWS Game Analytics

Senior Manager, WWS Game Analytics
Technical Lead, WWS Game Analytics
Project Manager
Big Data Engineer, WWS Game Analytics Engineering
Data Warehouse Engineers, WWS Game Analytics Engineering
Devops Engineers, WWS Game Analytics Engineering
Game Data Analysts, WWS Game Analytics Analysts

Global Technology: Platform Architecture

Senior Manager Platform Architecture
Platform Architecture Team

Global Technology: Ship WWS Collaboration Web Team

Senior Manager, WWS Collaboration Platform
Manager, WWS Collaboration Platform Operations
Collaboration Web Team

Global Technology: LAMS

Principal Programmer, LAMS Team
Sr. Programmer, LAMS Team
Programmer, LAMS Team

Global Technology: ICE Team

Lead Programmer, ICE Team
Technical Project Manager, ICE Team
Programmers, ICE Team

Global Technology: WWS Finance

Financial Director
WWS Finance

Global Technology: WWS Business Planning

Vice President
Business Planning

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Section #6


Sony Interactive Entertainment: Job Manager Group

Lead Programmer

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: SIEA Brand Marketing

Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing
Executive Assistant

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: First Party Games

Vice President, Marketing
Marketing Department Assistant
Senior Managers
Brand Managers
Associate Brand Manager
Marketing Specialist

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Platforms Marketing

Vice President, Marketing
Executive Assistant
Director, Brand Marketing
Director, Product Marketing
Senior Manager, Business Models and Forecasting Analysis
Senior Manager, Brand Manager
Managers, Brand Marketing
Associate Manager, Brand Marketing
Senior Product Manager, Peripherals
Product Manager, Peripherals
Marketing Specialists, Peripherals
Associate Manager, Product Marketing

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Creative | Design | Events | Video

Vice President, Creative | Design | Events | Video

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Creative | Design Tech Team

Manager, Sr. Producer
Sr. Digital Content Producer
Technical Artist

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Creative Client Relations

Sr. Manager
Project Managers
Creative Coordinators

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: PlayStation Store | Creative & Production

Sr. Manager
Production Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Events Department

Manager, Events
Event Coordinators

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Creative | Design Department

Sr. Director

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Hardware | Brand Team

Sr. Manager
Sr. Project Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: First Party Games Team

Software Packaging Manager
Retail Manager
Sr. Project Managers

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Third Party Games Team

Sr. Project Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Digital Design Team

Sr. Project Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Event Design Team

Sr. Manager
Sr. Project Manager
Project Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Design Team Managers

Manager, Print Productions
LATAM Design Manager
Digital Design Manager
Event Design Manager
Studio Support Manager
Sr. Designer, Packaging
Sr. Designers

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Engineering & IT Team

Sr. Technology Engineer
Sr. SW Engineer
Technology Engineer

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: PlayStation Source Team

Digital Asset Manager
Sr. Content Specialist
Content Specialist

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Video Production Department

Sr. Director and Executive Producer, Video Production
Sr. Manager, Video Band
Video Band
Post-Production Staff
CG & Motion Graphics

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Strategic Brand Planning, Innovation & Communication

Sr. Director, Consumer Insights and Marketing Analytics
Department Assistant

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Consumer Insights

Director, Consumer Insights
Sr. Analysts, Consumer Insights
Managers, Consumer Insights

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Digital Communications

Director, CRM and Web

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: CRM

CRM Manager
Email Marketing Specialist
Loyalty Marketing Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Playstation.com

Manager of Editorial and Content
QA Lead
Project Manager
Senior Project Manager
Web Content & UX
Web Design Lead

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Public Relations, Marketing Partnerships & Activation

Senior Vice President of Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Directors, Product Public Relations
Director, Corporate Communications
Executive Assistants, Corporate Communications
Senior Manager, Public Relations
Manager, Public Relations
Senior Specialist, Public Relations
Generalist, Public Relations

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Marketing Partnerships & Activations

Director Marketing Partnerships & Activations
Brand Activations Manager
Brand Partnerships Manager
Marketing Specialist, Partnerships & Activations

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Social Media

Director, Social Media
Senior Manager, Social Media
Manager, Social Media
Senior Specialists, Social Media

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Legal and Business Affairs

Chief Legal Officer
Vice Presidents, Deputy General Counsel
Senior Corporate Counsel
Senior Manager
Senior Paralegal
Corporate Counsel

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe: Sales and Marketing

European VP Product Marketing
European Director of Software Marketing
Group Marketing Manager
Product Manager
European Director of Communications
Group Manager, Corporate Communications & Influencer Marketing
European Junior Communications Manager
European Communications Manager
European Release Manager
New Release Coordinator
Project Manager
European Events Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe: Legal and Business Affairs

Director, Legal & Business Affairs
Director of Intellectual Property & Technology
Senior Legal & Business Affairs Manager
Legal & Business Affairs Associate
Legal & Business Affairs Assistants
Trademark and Anti-Piracy Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia: Marketing Dept. Communication Planning Section

Vice President

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia: Marketing Dept. Software Marketing Section

Vice President

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia: Digital Retailer & Communication Dept. Japan Business Section

Vice President
PS Store Promotion

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia (Asia): Marketing Department

Vice President
Marketing Team

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia (Asia): Traditional Chinese

Assistant Producer

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia (Asia): Korean

Assistant Producers

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia (Asia): First Party Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Assurance Assistant Manager
QA Coordinator
Special Thanks
  • Asiasoft Inc.


This game contains fonts owned by or licensed by
  • Monotype Imaging Inc.
DynaFont developed by
  • DynaComware
Audio powered by Wwise © 2006 - 2008
  • Audiokinetic Inc.
Autodesk Uman IK ©2008
  • Autodesk Inc.
Bink Video, Copyright © 1997 - 2018
  • RAD Game Tools Inc.
Oodle, Coypright © 2008 - 2018
  • RAD Game Tools Inc.

Copyrights: Open Source Software

Efficient computational noise in GLSL Webgl-noise
  • Ashima Arts [Simplex noise; Copyright © 2011]
  • Stefan Gustavson (Classic noise and others; Copyright © 2011 - 2016)
Eigen is licensed under
  • MPL2
Lua, Coypright © 1994-2017
  • Lua.org
  • PUC-Rio
RapidJSON, Copyright © 2015
  • THL A29 Limited [a Tencent company]
  • Milo Yip
Recast/Detour 2.0.2, Copyright © 2009 -2013
zlib.lib, Copyright © 1995 - 2017

Global Platform: UK & Europe Information Technology

Network Architect

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Hardware Engineering and Operation, Software Design Division, Base System Development Department

Vice President

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Physics Effects Group

Physics Effects Group

Sony Interactive Entertainment America: Creative Logistics and Operations

Sr. Manager

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