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Batman: The Telltale Series - The Enemy Within: Episode Five - Same Stitch

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The grand finale of season two of Batman: The Telltale Series finally reveals John Doe as the infamous Joker, although being such a diehard fan of Batman, his new persona was influenced by his hero a great deal. Based on player's choices in previous episodes Joker is now a villain and Batman's ultimate nemesis, or a vigilante trying to do what Batman does, but taking it to the extreme which forces Batman to fight him and put an end to his reign of terror and crazy.

Depending on his relationship with Joker, Batman can help him fight Waller and her agents or try bring Joker to justice. But Waller, aside from her agents, also has ex-members of The Pact, as well as Catwoman, under her thumb, forcing them to do her bidding or get electrocuted by the collar they're all wearing now. Seeing Harley doing Waller's bidding, as well as Waller constantly denying her guilt takes toll on Joker and after a strategic withdrawal and some careful planning, he manages to take Waller captive. His goal is for Waller to admit her crimes on a live streaming television. If she does not, things will get ugly.

Batman is now forced to rescue Waller and face Joker in one last showdown. But this time, he can choose not to go in alone. Tiffany is hi-tech prepped and ready to go with Batman on her first field mission. Either way, Batman is in for a shocking revelation after she confesses for the crime Joker was forcing Waller to admit being guilty. With Joker defeated and locked back in Arkham Asylum, Bruce is on his way to try and mend his relationship with other characters, make some unwanted sacrifices and see where the future takes him.

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