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Call of Duty

aka: COD, Call of Duty 1, Call of Duty Classic, MOH Killer

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Computer Active ( )

The Omaha Beach mission in Medal of Honour set the benchmark for gameplay in the WWII genre. but Call of Duty takes things to a whole new level. The environments are incredibly detailed, as are the other soldiers, but you'll need a powerful graphics card if you're to avoid the game running like treacle when there's lots happening on the screen. The sound is equally impressive. although you probably won't have time to appreciate its finer points when you're lying in a ditch, pinned down by machine gun fire, shell-shocked from the mortar shell that took out the rest of your buddies.

Jan 22nd, 2004 · Windows

G4 TV: X-Play ( )

It's hard to find fault with "Call of Duty." It has it all: harrowing missions, top-notch graphics and special effects, and convincing audio and voice acting. Few games in this genre approach the level of polish and design seen here. Playing through the game as part of a team is no gimmick -- instead, it turns a good game into a great one. Do yourself a favor. Buy this game. Just don't forget to keep your head down.

Mar 27th, 2006 · Windows · read review

UOL Jogos ( )

Fãs de jogos de guerra não tem como errar com "Call of Duty". Apesar de não ser exatamente revolucionário, os elementos montados pela Infinity Ward se encaixam com uma precisão espantosa para reproduzir os horrores da guerra... de uma forma palatável para o jogador.

Dec 11th, 2003 · Windows · read review

2404.org PC Gaming (10 out of 10)

Call of Duty is the most realistic war games I have ever played. Not only are the graphics stunning, the sound effects, music, dependence on teammates, weapons, and the overall feel of the game is amazing. In a war that changed everything you get the chance to partake in some of the most epic battles that took place throughout the European front. What really makes the game great is the fierce intensity. It just adds such a realistic touch that for a moment or two you might actually be able to picture what the men of "The Greatest Generation" were put through.

Jan 2nd, 2004 · Windows · read review

GameSpy ( )

NOW THAT I'VE FINISHED IT, maybe the best compliment I can pay Call of Duty is that I'm dying to play it again. I don't say this about first-person shooters that often, and I'm not just talking about a level or two -- I mean the whole darned thing. Call of Duty is a brilliant action game from beginning to end, and is packed with so many amazing moments that it's my leading candidate for the best PC game of 2003, and there's a good argument to be made that's it's the best WWII shooter ever.

Oct 29th, 2003 · Windows · read review

GamePro (US) (5 out of 5)

World War II first-person shooters were starting to wear out their welcome, but the electrifying Call of Duty shows how revitalizing an infusion of fresh blood can be. Developed by a crew who splintered off from the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault team, this game packs the power to astonish with its next-level A.I., absorbing mission design, and mesmerizing presentation.

Sep 13th, 2005 · Windows · read review

Netjak (9.6 out of 10)

Call of Duty is what Medal of Honor: Allied Assault should have been. You’re just another grunt in the field that is relying on your squad to get you through the day. Everything down to the details in this title is incredible, from visuals, sound, to how other characters react. Shooter fans, do yourself a favor and pick this wonderful title up today.

Nov 19th, 2003 · Windows · read review

JustPressPlay (9.4 out of 10)

I would say pick this game up. The game really invigorates theWorld War 2 genre, and throws you straight into the most intensefirefights you could ever expect from a WW2 game. Make sure that youfire this one up with your volume kicked up high, and your mouse readyfor a pounding. Plain and simple, this game should cost you around 30bucks about now, so trust me, and pick it up.

Jul 27th, 2005 · Windows · read review

Gameguru Mania (94 out of 100)

Overall, Call of Duty simply rocks. No joke. It's the most atmospheric game I've ever played in this genre, and while the gameplay may not be innovative, it's solidly implemented and very enjoyable. When comparing it to movies it was a mix of the beginning of "Saving Private Ryan" and the beginning of "Enemy at the Gates". For those that haven't gotten there yet just crank up the speakers and enjoy! Is this game worth your money? Definitely!

Nov 10th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Fragland.net (93.6 out of 100)

When I hear a lot of good news is spreading around about a first person shooter (my favorite genre), I try to see as little as possible of it before the reviewcopy arrives in the mail. I don’t play any demo’s or test versions and don’t watch any movies that have been released in advance, just to make sure I can experience the game to its fullest as everything is new to me. This is what I did with Call of Duty, a highly anticipated game of which nothing but good news was heard. Let’s see how it lives up to expectations.

Nov 20th, 2003 · Windows · read review

ActionTrip (93 out of 100)

Is this game worth your money? Hell yeah, man, it's my game of the year favorite! Will you complain about the length of the single-player? I think you might. It took me about a day and a half of playing to finish the single-player campaign. Nonetheless, the game comes with a multiplayer segment, so you'll have plenty of reasons to come back to it, especially if you and your friends can recreate some of the massive battles from the single-player mode. On the surface, the multiplayer mode doesn't appear to be any different from the one in MoH: AA. I can't say I've played it enough to pass my final judgment however. All I know is I will certainly play this game again on the hard level. I also know that Infinity Ward has restored my faith in gaming by producing a very mature, complete and meaningful project. Call of Duty is action at its finest, but told well enough not to offend those of us looking for a little more meaning and substance in our gaming.

Nov 3rd, 2003 · Windows · read review

GameWatcher / Strategy Informer (9.3 out of 10)

I simply can’t go on..this is too painful. Look, I know this is a short review but there isn’t much to say. If you like FPS games or even had a passing interest in the genre..go buy this game. I have no doubt it will be FPS Game of the Year in several magazines and will stand as one of the greats…bastards! Now this review is over..get that camera out of my face!! I need a drink and a bad game…

Dec 10th, 2003 · Windows · read review

IGN (9.3 out of 10)

Times change, tastes evolve, and games must move forward to meet these new expectations. Infinity Ward, in their first game ever as a development house, is attempting to do just that. Many of the ideas found in Call of Duty may have been seen first in other titles, but have been honed down to a fine point in this one. If you're looking for a thrill ride that gives you heart problems, makes your ears flap for joy, and brings you as close to a World War II experience as you're likely to get right now (or would ever really want to get), this is your game. The small problems and relatively short length of the single player campaign can't darken the brilliant moments found throughout this sweet gaming experience.

Oct 27th, 2003 · Windows · read review

FiringSquad (93 out of 100)

Call of Duty is the new Medal of Honor. Squad combat, iron sights, the incredible tactile feel of the game, the sound effects, the graphics, the intense levels – it’s done for first-person shooters in 2003 what Medal of Honor did two years ago. It’s already a huge hit, and will doubtless see a hundred mods and tens of thousands of players online before it’s over.

Nov 19th, 2003 · Windows · read review

PC Gamer (93 out of 100)

Call of Duty is a first-rate achievement. The sensory overload is amazing, and the interaction with intricately scripted action set-pieces is a big step forward for the art form.

Dec 2003 · Windows · read review

Peliplaneetta.net (92 out of 100)

Call Of Duty on hämmentävän mukaansa tempaava kokemus ja sodan armottomuus on onnistuttu kuvaamaan peleissä ennen näkemättömän rajulla tavalla. Helposti parissa illassa läpäisty yksinpeli on nykyräiskinnöille tuttuun tapaan harmittavan lyhyt kokonaisuus, mutta laatu korvaa tässäkin tapauksessa määrän. Ehkä hieman pelin edetessä kasvavia odotuksia lepsumpaa lopputaistelua lukuun ottamatta pelin kuvaama sota on täyttä rautaa, eikä huonoja tai tylsiä kenttiä tullut vastaan ainoatakaan.

Dec 4th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Deaf Gamers (9.2 out of 10)

If you're into World War II based FPS games then this is probably the best title out there at the moment. Call of Duty manages to do what very few FPS games can do in that it keeps you on the edge of your seat for virtually all the game. In many ways it's a streamlined FPS in that it does away with 'filler' missions and quite tedious tasks such as opening doors etc. The effect that this has is dramatic and makes the game seem like a constant roller coaster ride of action. Call of Duty is definitely a must for all FPS fans and particularly those who like a World War II theme to the action.

2003 · Windows · read review

Armchair Empire, The (9.2 out of 10)

There have been so many games about World War II that it’s safe to say it has become its own genre. Thinking back through every single one is impossible, though picking out the few flawless titles is quite easy. The Medal of Honor series (save the most recent addition), Battlefield 1942, and now, Call of Duty (CoD) are among the best games within this popular genre. After toiling through the most realistic WWII game ever created, I can see why people find the genre so appealing.

Dec 16th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Game Revolution (A-)

For the briefest of moments, I considered joining the military. What young man worth his weight in arcade tokens doesn't want to learn how kick ass and defend "America the Beautiful" from any "real" threat to liberty and democracy? The answer is: a conscious young man. Not necessarily socially and politically conscious, but conscious of the fact that bullets hurt, war is frightening and there is no way in hell I'm waking up before 8:00 am to some strange man with a funny haircut barking orders in my ear.

Nov 2003 · Windows · read review

HardGamers (91 out of 100)

Call of Duty est un excellent successeur aux Return to Castle Wolfenstein ou bien encore Medal of Honor : Allied Assaut. Ses missions en solo sont très prenantes, et il en fait l'un des candidats pour le FPS de l'année. Par contre, même si le multi-joueurs est bien, il aurait été plaisant qu'il soit comme BF1942, c'est-à-dire que des véhicules puissent être utilisés.

Jan 6th, 2004 · Windows · read review

PC Zone Benelux (91 out of 100)

Met Call of Duty ervaar je op onnavolgbare wijze hoe het was om als gewone soldaat het vuile werk op te knappen tijdens de beslissende veldslagen van de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Er is vrijwel niets aan te merken op de game, die dankzij de goed doordachte gameplay, de fraaie grafische presentatie en de afwisselende missies de opwindendste WOII-shooter van het moment is. De bijgeleverde multiplaymodes en de beloofde ondersteuning voor de modmakende community zorgen er bovendien voor dat de populariteit van Call of Duty nog wel een tijdje zal aanhouden.

Dec 2003 · Windows

Gameplay (Benelux) (90 out of 100)

Call of Duty is de allerbeste oorlogservaring op de pc, zonder meer. Call of Duty is een hallucinante ervaring die je als liefhebber van FPS-spellen gewoon moet gespeeld hebben.

Oct 30th, 2003 · Windows

Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) ( )

Call of Duty is a cinematic and thrilling experience. The ability to take part in the last century’s most defining and destructive war through the perspective of three different sides is quite engaging. The developers put serious time and effort into polishing the visuals and sound, and fleshed out a great experience with solid mechanics that enrich the atmosphere and drama of combat. This title should be on the A-list of every PC gamer.

Dec 5th, 2003 · Windows

Christ Centered Gamer / Christ Centered Game Reviews ( )

Very, very fun. There are twenty-four missions over four campaigns. Each mission is very creative and exciting. Some missions are extremely difficult, and take many tries to complete. The hardest missions have you defending Pegasus Bridge in Normandy and a house in Russia.

Jun 1st, 2005 · Windows · read review

DarkZero (9 out of 10)

Call of Duty is a fantastic thoroughly impressive game. It equals if not betters all other games in it genre; it kicks the likes of Medal of Honor to the ground, shoots it straight between it’s beady eyes and still comes up smelling of “blood splattered” roses. Usually for a game to amaze me this much it must innovate, surprisingly COD does not innovate as much as you would expect, it only tweaks. It gives you everything Medal of Honor had, changes it slightly, adds fantastic set-pieces, gives you that all important “WOW” factor that is sadly missing form some games these day and that multiplies all of the above 100 times. In the 12 hours of game you get for your money it is paced and delivered to the player extraordinarily well, and that is why it gets such a high and well deserved score. Well done Infinity Ward, thank you for the breath of fresh air.

2003 · Windows · read review

Gamesdog (9 out of 10)

While there are plenty of WWII games out this Christmas such as the second Medal of Honor add-on, Breakthrough and the more strategic Hidden and Dangerous 2, this one certainly manages to break away from the crowd. Yes you will need a powerful machine to run it, but if you've got that powerful machine you will certainly be in for a ride. Superb.

Dec 15th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Super Play (Sweden) (9 out of 10)

Det är ett spel om andra världskriget mendet blir ett antikrigsspel. Något som tar avstånd från, och ställning mot, krig som verktyg för att uppnå politiska mål. Så känns det. Och det är det här som gör Call of Duty till något alldeles speciellt. För när krigets alla fasor blir påtagliga, när man känner sig helt ensam, kommer insikten. Det är precis så här krig är. Jag mår nästan så illa att jag vill stänga av. Det går inte att värja sig, det är liv jag tar för att själv överleva. Så självisk är jag. Så mänsklig.

Dec 2003 · Windows

Computer Gaming World (CGW) ( )

Call of Duty is probably the best shooter I‘ve played all year. The only real knocks against it are that it‘s a relatively short game (I finished in about 10 hours) and the multiplayer is lackluster. But let‘s be honest: If you‘re into playing a World War II game online nothing compares to Battlefield 1942 or Day of Defeat all in all though. I have no doubt that anyone who plays this game will love it.

Jan 2004 · Windows

Thunderbolt Games (9 out of 10)

Call of Duty is what Medal of Honor should have been. It combines the gameplay elements with the visuals and audio perfectly to recreate squad level engagements in which much of the war was fought. Your fellow soldiers are intelligent and competent in what they do and the story guides you through the beautifully crafted set pieces that the game is made up of. Multiplayer backs up the multiple difficulty levels, making for a solid lifespan, while the graphics and sound combine well to deliver an all-round authentic experience. For FPS fans like myself, this is something we've been waiting a long time for; a near-perfect WWII title that does complete justice to the men who fought in the conflict.

Dec 28th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Mundo Gamers (9 out of 10)

Un fantástico sabor de boca me ha dejado este CoD, pese a sus pequeños fallos en IA y duración, su impecable jugabilidad supera cualquier inconveniente y hacen de el probablemente el mejor juego del pasado año 2003 junto con el otro gigante, Max Payne 2, en lo que se refiere a juegos de acción. Recuerdo que cuando salió el primer Max Payne leí en PCACTUAL que ese era un juego capaz de hacer que se vendieran tarjetas gráficas y ordenadores de nueva generación por si solo, bueno, yo creo que CoD es el referente actual de aquella definición.

May 28th, 2004 · Windows · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (9 out of 10)

As you may have gathered, my opinion of Call of Duty differs very radically from Kristan's. I didn't come to this game hoping to have my perspective on FPS titles changed - I came to it hoping for a cinematic World War II experience, similar to the one that Allied Assault offered. I was not disappointed, and in fact, the game has improved upon Allied Assault in every possible way. There is simply no better representation of the World War II experience out there right now, and the Call of Duty team are to be commended for creating such a singularly fantastic slice of digital entertainment while simultaneously keeping a sober and mature perspective on their serious subject matter. All eyes will of course now be on EA to see how Pacific Assault turns out - but to my mind, Call of Duty is going to be a very, very hard act to follow.

Nov 7th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Game Over Online (90 out of 100)

Ultimately, Call of Duty is a riveting action piece from start to finish. The nature of these games tends to make them poor candidates for replay. After all, once the surprises are done and over with, the sheer thrill isn’t there anymore. But Call of Duty is one of those film-like experiences that you’ll never mind going through again and again. It is more cinematic than its counterparts simply because at every juncture, the developers overload your sight and auditory senses to put you into the battle. With a de-emphasis on the lone commando versus the world theme, that battle becomes very real indeed.

Nov 14th, 2003 · Windows · read review

GameCell UK (9 out of 10)

So in conclusion, Call of Duty is an immersive and well put-together FPS, with the multiplayer game being, for me anyway, the jewel in the crown that just keeps you coming back for more. We will have to see how it stacks up against the new Medal of Honor game when it comes out, but for now, as far as Wartime First Person Shooters go, Call of Duty easily wins the Victoria Cross. And finally the moral of the story? War is Hell - but it makes for a damned fine computer game!

2003 · Windows · read review

GameDaily (9 out of 10)

Call of Duty is definitely a Game-of-the-Year contender for the PC. Its cinematic qualities will have you sweating in your seat, and the multiplayer aspects will have you logging on long after you've completed the single player mode. Future add-ons will include new mods, maps, and weapons to keep the replayablily consistently high. I recommend this game to all FPS fans. Developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision (who recently purchased Infinity Ward), Call of Duty is out now.

Dec 31st, 2003 · Windows · read review

GameSpot (9 out of 10)

Call of Duty is an all-around excellent game that confidently challenges, head-on, all the other WWII-themed shooters out there and comes out on top. When a game is outstanding, like this one is, some people invariably expect it to be something completely different from what's already available. That's not true of Call of Duty, which is directly comparable to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and other such games. Yet, on its own merits, this game is executed extraordinarily well, and, therefore, can be wholeheartedly recommended not just to fans of other WWII-themed shooters but to anyone looking for a first-rate action game.

Oct 29th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Gamesmania.de (88 out of 100)

Call of Duty ist wie ein Sog, der den Spieler immer tiefer ins Spielgeschehen hineinzieht und nicht mehr loslässt. Gleichzeitig ist es das beste Beispiel, dass ein Shooter nicht die beste Grafik bieten muss, um Spaß zu machen. Eine dichte Atmosphäre und perfekte Soundkulisse können diese Mängel mehr als wieder wett machen, so dass wir Call of Duty jedem Spieler wärmstens ans Herz legen möchten.

Nov 12th, 2003 · Windows · read review

PC Action (Germany) (87 out of 100)

Größer, umfangreicher, besser - was unser türkischer Prahlhans-Kollege ständig nur von einem seiner Körperteile behauptet, hat uns CoD im Test bewiesen. Oh ja, wie man aus furztrockenem Programmcode schweißtreibende Spannung generiert, wissen die Jungs von Infinity Ward. Gründer der Firma sind immerhin 22 Mannen, die uns vor rund eineinhalb Jahren mit Medal of Honor: Allied Assault beglückten und anschließend das Entwicklerteam 2015 verließen. Damit kehrten sie auch Electronic Arts den Rücken und heuerten kurzerhand bei Activision an. Das neue Baby der Jungs erinnert optisch, akustisch und spielerisch stark an MoHAA. Es ist aber mehr als nur ein kleiner Bruder.

Nov 4th, 2003 · Windows · read review

GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (87 out of 100)

Call of Duty is op alle gebied een uitstekend spel dat vol vertrouwen alle andere Wereld Oorlog 2 games uitdaagt en aan de top komt te staan. Wanneer een spel zo opmerkelijk is, zoals dit spel, verwachten sommige mensen steevast iets compleet anders dan wat er al op de markt is. Dat geldt niet voor Call of Duty, wat direct vergelijkbaar is met Medal of Honor: Allied Assault en andere dergelijke games. Maar toch, naar eigen verdienste, is dit spel zo extreem goed uitgevoerd dat het ten volle kan aanbevolen worden en niet alleen aan fans van WO2-shooters maar aan iedereen die op zoek is naar een eerste klas actie spel.

Nov 3rd, 2003 · Windows · read review

PC Action (Germany) (87 out of 100)

Wen ich gerade spiele - Private Martin, Oberleutnant Voronin oder Herrn Hinzkunz, den Vorsitzenden des Dackelclubs Hürth-Knapsack - schnuppe! Sich mit den Helden zu identifizieren, ist nicht möglich. Ich bin ein Typ mit Knarre, fertig. Schade. Nur ein paar richtige Zwischensequenzen statt der Dia-Briefings ... ach, lassen wir das. Denn die nebulöse Verknüpfung der Storystränge und zwei, drei dröge Ballerlevels sind für mich die einzigen wunden Punkte. Call of Dutyb escherte mir bei den monumentalen Schlachten eine dauerhafte Gänsehaut. Ich halt mich momentan sicherheitshalber von schwulen Gantern fern.

Oct 2003 · Windows

Game Captain (87 out of 100)

Holla die Waldfee! Call of Duty schlägt ein wie eine Bombe. Nie zuvor habe ich so atmosphärisch gelungene und packende (Solo-)Teamkämpfe erlebt. Dass es praktisch keine Story gibt und die Spieldauer viel zu kurz ist, hätte ich bei dem ganzen Gewusel fast ohne Kommentar hingenommen. Aber gerade gegen Ende spürt man doch leider die Einfallslosigkeit der Entwickler und genau hier fallen die negativen Punkte ins Gewicht. Alles in allem bietet Call of Duty aber ein tolles Ballervergnügen am Rechner und verdient sich zurecht den Award für eine nie zuvor erlebte Atmosphäre.

Nov 15th, 2003 · Windows · read review

PC Games (Germany) (86 out of 100)

Dass das Medal of Honor-Team seinen Shooter-Erfolg unter neuem Namen wiederholen will, kann ich ihm kaum übel nehmen. Dass es das "Wiederholen" etwas zu wörtlich nimmt, schon. Von der Fallschirm-Landung in der Normandie bis hin zu den Häuserkämpfen im zerstörten Berlin hatte ich ein ständiges Déjà-vu, sei es aus dem inoffiziellen Vorgänger oder Kinofilmen wie Enemy at the Gates. Dass Call of Duty trotzdem von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute spannend bleibt, hat es den vielen epischen Skript-Sequenzen zu verdanken, die mich hautnah miterleben lassen, was ich bislang nur auf der Leinwand betrachten durfte: wie Hunderte Rotarmisten die Hügel von Stalingrad stürmen, wie ein Dutzend T-34-Panzer die verschneiten Ebenen von Ostpreußen zerpflügt. Schade nur, dass das Vergnügen ein kurzes ist. Shooter-Veteranen sollten im zweithöchsten Schwierigkeitsgrad spielen, sonst flimmert nach fünf bis sechs Stunden der (sehr coole) Abspann über den Schirm.

Nov 27th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (17 out of 20)

Infinity Ward à repris sans vergogne les bases de Medal Of Honor mais les a considérablement boostées. Le jeu est simplement spectaculaire et malgré quelques regrets en matière d'IA, force est de constater qu'il s'agit là du remplaçant incontestable du titre de 2015. Dommage qu'il soit si court, mais son intensité rattrape le tir. L'appel du devoir est péremptoire, il est vain de tenter de refuser.

Nov 7th, 2003 · Windows · read review

GameStar (Germany) (85 out of 100)

Selten saß ich bei einem Ego-Shooter mit derart blanken Nerven vor dem Monitor wie bei Call of Duty – zumindest in den 17 spannenden Missionen. Da hatte ich wirklich das Gefühl, mitten drin in der Action zu stecken. Um mich herum tauchen ständig neue Gegner auf, Panzer rumpeln heran, Freund und Feind brüllen Befehle. Und obwohl ich einige Szenen durchaus makaber finde: Mir gefällt’s! Schade, dass es in der russischen Kampagne einige langweiligere Aufträge (Stichwort: Kanalisation) gibt. Da scheint den Entwicklern die Puste ausgegangen zu sein. Überhaupt: Nach gut acht Stunden war ich im zweiten von vier Schwierigkeitsgraden durch – und angesichts der kurzen Spieldauer ganz schön sauer. Die hat, gemeinsam mit den lahmen Missionen gen Ende, Call of Duty die sonst fällige 90er-Wertung gekostet. Ingesamt gibt’s hier trotzdem mehr spannende Stellen als in so manch längerem Konkurrenten. Erwachsene können zugreifen!

Nov 2003 · Windows

neXGam (8.5 out of 10)

Innerhalb der 24 Missionen erlebt ihr die Grausamkeit des Zweiten Weltkriegs aus drei Sichtweisen. Als amerikanischer Fallschirmjäger Privat Martin springt ihr über Frankreich ab, als britischer Soldat Sergeant Evans seid ihr nicht nur in Deutschland tätig und als eingezogener russischer Soldat Alexei müsst ihr Mütterchen Russland wieder befreien. Die amerikanische Kampagne beginnt mit dem genretypischen Tutorial, bei dem ihr die Steuerung erklärt bekommt. Hierbei glänzt schon die gute deutsche Synchronisation. Habt ihr das Tutorial bestanden ohne euch oder andere zu verletzen, geht es auch gleich los in den Krieg.

Feb 2nd, 2015 · Windows · read review

JeuxVideoPC.com (17 out of 20)

Le principe de Call Of Duty (l’Appel du Devoir) est qu’aucun soldat de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale n’a combattu seul, mais entouré de ses frères d’armes. Le mythe du soldat solitaire souvent prôné par les FPS s’effondre donc ici sous les coups de la DCA. Le pli pris ici par les développeurs est d’intégrer votre personnage, Martin, dans la réalité de la guerre. Vous allez donc parcourir des champs de bataille sous le bombardement des vôtres, prendre ou reprendre des villages en ruines, des batteries anti-aériennes, libérer des gradés détenus dans des manoirs… Le tout dans une ambiance apocalyptique où tout saute dans tous les coins.

Sep 8th, 2004 · Windows · read review

DreamStation.cc (8.5 out of 10)

Call of Duty is a game that is very easy to love. It’s an amazing single player experience setting standards for all FPS and games in general. Unfortunately, it is also packaged with a sloppy, disorganized online structure that keeps the game from being one of the better FPS of all times. If you’re a fan of the Medal of Honor series this is one game you definitely can't go without. The level of intensity is of such a high caliber that it is rarely found in any type of game. The memorable battles backed up by solid gameplay puts the single-player in a league of its own and almost redeems the rushed multiplayer experience. A must own for shooter and WWII fanatics alike.

Feb 16th, 2004 · Windows · read review

4Players.de (82 out of 100)

Call of Duty kann man selbst mit viel bösem Willen auf keinen Fall mangelhafte Atmosphäre vorwerfen: der Sturm auf Stalingrad ist wesentlich intensiver als die Omaha Beach-Mission in MoH:AA, das Hissen der roten Flagge ein würdiger Abschluss des Spiels. Aber dazwischen hat der Genrekenner mehr Déjà-Vus, als es Fehler in der Matrix geben könnte. Und noch eine Gemeinsamkeit: Natürlich ist das Game mit durchschnittlich acht Stunden Durchspielzeit recht kurz. Wenn ihr bislang nicht viel mit dem Thema WW2-Shooter zu tun hattet, ist Call of Duty eine hervorragende Wahl, um sich mit dem Szenario vertraut zu machen – intensiver und mitreißender war bislang kein anderes Spiel in diesem Gebiet. Wer andererseits die Medal of Honors dieser Welt schon auswendig kennt, wird hier nicht viel Neues finden; mittlerweile sind wirklich alle WW2-Schlachtfelder abgegrast.

Nov 21st, 2003 · Windows · read review

eXp.de - Extreme Players (8.2 out of 10)

In der Kürze liegt die Würze. Diese alte deutsche Weisheit nahm man bei Infity Ward wohl etwas zu wörtlich. So packend Call of Duty ohne Zweifel auch sein mag, ist es, für den Preis von über 40 Ocken, schlicht und einfach zu kurz. Ein Fullprice-Spiel mit einer Spieldauer zu versehen, die Ich persönlich von einem Addon zum halben Preis erwarte, halte ich für den falschen Schritt. Ein relativ geringer Wiederspielwert und die oft doch eher störende Ähnlichkeit der Missionen kampagnenübergreifend tun ihr Übriges. Call of Duty ist ohne Zweifel ein Spitzen-Shooter und wird seine Fans finden und diese auch vollkommen außer Frage gehörig begeistern und fesseln, aber ich persönlich fand die Tendenz bestätigt, die schon nach den beiden Demos aufkam: Schön, packend, traditionell, schnell und schick, aber doch arg kurz. Wer bereit ist, für kurze, aber hochklassige Unterhaltung in die Tasche zu greifen, wird mit Call of Duty nicht enttäuscht.

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Gamekult (8 out of 10)

Intense, varié et théâtral à souhait, ce Call of Duty dispose d'arguments certains pour offrir aux joueurs quelques heures de jeu palpitantes. Le jeu manque certes un peu d'originalité sur certains points et durant de nombreuses missions, on sent l'influence de Medal of Honor : Débarquement allié qui rôde, mais le gameplay et les situations proposées sont suffisamment efficaces pour convaincre malgré tout. Plutôt joli bien qu'assez loin graphiquement des derniers ténors du genre, il s'offre une bande sonore de qualité et malgré la rareté des cinématiques et l'animation de Lemmings des soldats, on s'y croit assez souvent. Pour un premier titre, Infinity Ward fait en tout cas très fort.

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Withingames (4 out of 5)

Call of Duty wird seinem inoffiziellen Vorgänger Medal of Honor: Allied Assault durchaus gerecht. So wie schon im großen Vorbild kommt in den 3 unterschiedlichen Kampagnen eine richtiges mitten drin Gefühl auf. Vor allem bei der sowjetischen Kampagne, wo die Entwickler anscheinend sehr vom Film "Enemy at the Gates" inspiriert waren, kommt Stimmung auf. Leider ist diese nach acht Stunden schon wieder vorbei. Zwar kann man sich danach noch für eine weile am Multiplayermodus erfreuen, aber letztendlich komm ich mir schon ein wenig veräppelt vor, wenn ich 45 Euro für ein Spiel auf den Ladentisch knalle, das allemal Add-On Charakter besitzt. Ich habe zwar lieber ein kurzes und dafür wirklich gutes Spiel, als ein langes und schlechtes, aber acht Stunden sind dann doch verdammt wenig. Wie dem auch sei, bis auf die extrem kurze Spielzeit, der Innovationskargheit und nicht vorhanden Story ist "Der Ruf der Pflicht" ein Game, das jeden Shooter-Freund zu begeistern im Stand ist.

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Just Games Retro ( )

So there it is – the somewhat humble origins of a genre that would go on to define militaristic shooters. How much you’ll like it probably depends on when you started gaming. If your introduction was Modern Warfare 2, you’ll surely find this primitive and corny. If you’re an old hat at this sort of thing, it’s as fun as you want it to be. Lower difficulties are a fine arcade ride through a good spread of tasks, and the Veteran difficulty will challenge you more than any modern health-regenerating shooter possibly could. In short, a fine game, a worthy challenger to Medal of Honor, and it gets 4 stars because no one says “we’re Oscar Mike” in the entire game.

Oct 15th, 2011 · Windows · read review

CanardPC (8 out of 10)

On pouvait s'y attendre étant donné qu'il s'agit à peu près des mêmes développeurs : ce Call of Duty ressemble étonnamment à un Medal of Honor gonflé aux anabolisants. Il garde les mêmes défauts, à savoir un déroulement au scénario ultrascripté et une durée de vie en dessous de la moyenne ; mais il offre une campagne solo encore plus intense : une sorte de film de guerre à gros budget dont vous êtes le héros. C'est beau, c'est fluide, c'est fun, ça pète de partout et il y a plein de nazis à sniper, que demander de plus ?

Nov 26th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Absolute Games (AG.ru) (78 out of 100)

Вот так они и живут под одной крышей: яркий, одноразовый симулятор камеры "Стедикам" для любителей незамысловатых развлечений и умело изготовленный "мульти", не дотягивающий, впрочем, до высоких стандартов Battlefield 1942. Даже если вам нравится что-то одно, заплатить придется за весь комплект.

Nov 15th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Joystick (French) (7 out of 10)

Suite officieuse de Medal of Honor, Call of Duty l'améliore, mais arrive techniquement en deçà de jeux plus modernes ou plus ambitieux. Il se démarque par son ampleur cinématographique, et plaira certainement beaucoup aux très nombreux fans de MoH. Cependant, il exploite le filon sans rien apporter de neuf. Coup de bol pour Activision, les retards chez la concurrence laissent CoD presque seul sur le marché des grosses sorties FPS de fin d'année.

Dec 2003 · Windows

Games TM (7 out of 10)

Whilst the outstanding intensity of the action merits at least a second play, the game's shallow cinematic structuring (linearity is too harsh a word) limits your opportunity to enjoy a varied experience each time. That said, the game is a leap forward for the all-action end of the genre and offers an irrefutably gratifying ride while it lasts.

Dec 3rd, 2003 · Windows

Eurogamer.net (UK) (7 out of 10)

The sure sign of any game's merits is to draw up a list of pros and cons, and where I fell out with CoD was the fact that however many cool things I could think of, it was all too easy to peel away the layers of glitz and gloss and come up with frustratingly long list of inconsistencies, flaws and slightly irksome design decisions that remind you that there's plenty of work to be done before the definitive World War II shooter gets made. If you've never played a World War II action shooter before then you'll be in for a massive treat (and the score should probably be upped accordingly for you), but for the hardened veterans among us, we're casting our eyes back to EA.

Nov 14th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Edge (7 out of 10)

Ultimately, Call of Duty is undersized and profoundly linear, but that cannot shake its solidity and the sheer intensity of the spectacle it creates. Edge just hopes that this is the last of the relentless torrent of World War II games, as no matter how good they might become, the rich source of inspiration is beginning to run dry.

Nov 24th, 2007 · Windows · read review

Factornews (6 out of 10)

Avec Call of Duty, Infinity Ward réussi le pari de livrer un ego-shooter très bien fini, incluant à la fois une campagne solo extrêmement riche même si bien trop courte, et des modes multijoueurs stables et faciles d’accès, dont la seule kill-cam devrait permettre de rythmer un peu plus le gameplay. Graphiquement très propre, avec une bande son de qualité, le jeu souffre néanmoins d’un scripting envahissant et d’une I.A stupide sinon absente, au point de rendre la campagne solo souvent digne d’un bête jeu de tir aux pigeons. Si vous aimez participer à un film interactif, vous allez adorer. Dans le cas contraire, l’ensemble va rapidement vous saouler.

Nov 24th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Player Reviews

Martins, Evans and Alexei: WWII Heroes
by vicrabb (7289)

The Good
Call of Duty is a WWII FPS where you're controlling three soldiers: Martins, an American volunteer in the Airbone, during Overlord preparing the field for the people fighting on the beaches, Evans, a British Servant during Overlord, trying to defend a bridge before going in stealth missions and Alexei, a young Soviet during Stalingrad becoming one of the best snipers and taking with his unit the Reischtag at the end.

I remember playing a demo for Call of Duty on my laptop in 2004 because I needed some action and the Painkiller one was, well, lagging. So, I played the second mission and was surprised of the speed of the action. Luckily, I couldn't give orders and I don't think that I would have played this if you had to do actions in the same time.

So, here we are in 2008, with a work to write for the 18th August. But I need action. I've finished Delta Force 2 but I want some non-pixelised graphics. I'm hesitating between Operation Flashpoint or Call of Duty, which was offered in a Italian magazine. I choose the latter. I can understand Italian, so, it's not a real problem. After all, I've played Max Payne in this language...

The game begins with the tutorial for the commands. You're Martins, an American volunteer, in Captain Foley's team. After this, you don't have the time to breathe even if the beginning of the first mission is very calm. But then when your teammates (Elder, Sgt Moody and Cpt Foley among them) arrive, the Germans are waking up. They can kill you with their MG42, a fast chaingun and trust me, it happens very fast!

Martins is belonging to the Airbone who was preparing the field for the soldiers who would fight on the beaches in France. So, you don't live the hell that they lived but you are on your own hell. The first part of the campaign is coherent: you're beginning in Ste-Marie-L'Eglise but you have to run to a HQ for having orders with Moody and Elder in a epic battle where you're firing from a moving car. You have also tanks to destroy with Panzerfausts (rocket launcher). After that, you will be on a mission for destroying some canons. And you're finishing your campaign by freeing two British officers, one in a castle and the others in a camp with a timed mission of ten minutes.

You're playing an American, so, you'll fight with American weapons (M1 Garand, BAR, Thompson, etc.). As you know, you can only carry two weapons at the time (with the pistol and grenades) but if you're going out of bullet, change for German weapons like MP-40 or Kork something... and if you're lucky to find one with an optical lens, you'll be happy to snipe some Nazis. Anyway, it will be useful at the end of the third mission for killing Germans behind MG42. The advantage to change for a German weapon is that you'll find plenty of ammo on the corpses.

As a beginning campaign, it's easy but remember that you can be killed very fast and thanks to the medikit, you can really survive at it.

And then, you're switching to the British campaign.

Remember Cpt Price? The British Officer in the castle? Well, now, we're going back to Overlord. You're with him for defending a bridge against Nazis and particularly against Panzers. It's harder than the American campaign, particularly with the epic run in a truck or the fight against Stukas (planes) but you can survive.

Evans is transferred into Price's team after the heroic defense and begins secret missions, well more like infiltrating a dam alone and destroy everything or disguising as a German sailor and trying to do some harm to a German destroyer.

You will play with British weapons (Stern for example) but you will also have to destroy trucks with Panzerfausts or like I've said, Stukas with a DCA cannon if you want to stay alive after the mission with the Dam (beginning by the destroying of it, then running to an airport and finishing by the Stukas attacking).

For people having seen Enemy Behind the Gates or Stalingrad here in Europe, you will recognize the first part of the movie with the Red Army trying to reach the town in boats and with soldiers killing others because they're retreating... Or, the Russians don't want an escape. You don't have the choice to sprint without a gun (you're going by two, one with the gun, the other grabbing it if the teammate is dead). After that, you can fight with a proper weapon and trying to find a major in Stalingrad. You'll become a sniper. And surprise you'll be piloting a tank.

After the Russian campaign, you'll play Martins again, then Evans and finishing by Alexei taking the Reichstag in Berlin.

Alexei being a Soviet, he'll fight with their weapons: Mosin-Nagan, PK something, etc. You'll have to destroy tanks by piloting one and trust me, it's not easy. You can be easily lost when your turret is in fact in the wrong direction: you want to advance but you're going behind... But it's also an epic battle.

And the gameplay? Well, it's a war FPS, so don't expect to have the time to planify a strategy. Follow the orders and everything will go as smooth as it can.

Lock, load and shoot... Yes but don't forget to duck. Because the Germans are firing at you and I can guarantee a fast death if you aren't careful. You don't give orders but you have objectives, represented by a star on the map. And they're varied: destroy Panzers, rescue Price, cover Moody, take documents, etc. You can also use the MG42 if required, you can place explosives (and run for cover), you can also use Flack (cannon), etc. It's easy to play Call of Duty. Once you've understood the commands, it will a piece of cake except with the whole tank driving.

AI is very good, particularly when coming to the enemy. They can duck, throw grenades or fighting with their weapons in a hand-and-hand battle. Anyway, you don't have stupid soldiers coming directly to you, giving you the easy way to kill them.

Graphics are very nice and I was surprised by the quality of the night missions. Anyway, you can recognize easily your allies or your enemies. The places are also very well designed: to a completely destroyed Stalingrad to a French village in fire without forgetting the dam or the destroyer.

Weapons are also well modeled, when having a Thompson or a M1-Garant or a Mosin-Nagant in my hands, I didn't felt a difference with the ones used in Vietcong, the FPS taking place during the Vietnam War, even when clicking on the right button for a better aim.

Soundtrack is very good. Voice acting in the Italian version was very good and I have to say that the sounds were also immersing you into the battle. I'm wondering if it was like that at the time but it was stressful to hear a Panzer arriving or a mortar exploding.

Music is very good. You have the impression to be into an heroic drama movie, like in Star Wars for example. I loved it.

With four difficulty modes and a multiplayer one, Call of Duty can be very long. And its replay value is high, so expect days or weeks of intense pleasure.

The Bad
Well, as I've stated, you can die very fast if you aren't careful: don't run in the line of fire of a MG42 or you'll be on the ground in a matter of seconds... unless you're in God mode. Remember also that you can be under friendly fire and that if you kill a fellow soldier, you'll be seeing game over.

Allies AI is another matter. Yes, it's good but not as a good as the enemy one. I mean, your friends have a tendancy to let themselves in the line of fire with the exception of scripted people like Foley, Moody, Elder, Price, Waters, Makarov... So, yes, if you're only with two comrades and that they fell under the enemy fire, you'll be on your own after.

Another negative points is that tank driving, disorienting you easily. I've explained that previously: if your turret isn't in the same direction as the front of the tank, you'll be trying to position you in the right one, even the command Space who will center the turret isn't as easy to use. If you touch your mouse, the positioning stops. And it's the law of Murphy: when you have to do that, you're under the enemy fire (Panzers or Germans soldiers).

I must also say that some parts of missions were very very difficult, like the assault on Stalingrad or the beginning of the second mission in the American campaign. Anyway, you will find a way to be victorious (there is a god mode you know if you're tired to die).

Another thing which can arrive is a script error. I don't know if it was because I was playing with god mode in a mission where I was frustrated to die or if it's a bug that can happen sometimes.

The Bottom Line
Call of Duty is a fast-paced FPS set in WWII and I can guarantee some pleasure by trying to be an hero. Anyway, graphics and soundtrack are very good despite having some years and the gameplay is easy to understand. Enemy AI is good, much better than the Allies one (except for Foley, Moody, Elder, Price, Ingram, Waters, Makarov and the sergeant in Stalingrad).

If I recommend CoD? Yes. Even if I've played it in a different language than English or French, it's pure pleasure.

Aug 21st, 2008 · Windows

A fantastic trip into a horrible world
by Mattias Kreku (439)

The Good
This game is unbelievably good when it comes to impressive scenes. It is brimful with memorable moments, beautiful graphics, massive battlescenes and it even boasts a lot of variety. It lets you, as a player, witness the war from three different views (american, british and russian) and you get involved in missions ranging from storming an airfield and then defending it from dive-bombing Stukas, participating in massive army battles that includes machine guns and tanks and you even get to do some snipering in Stalingrad at the end of the game. I personally enjoyed the russian missions the most, but I am sure almost everyone will find something they love about this game.

The Bad
The only problem I found in this game is that it's all scripted. If you die on a mission and have to reload, EVERY solder and every tankwill appear on exactly the same place and the same time as the last try. This way you always know what's going to happen before it happens if you play the same mission more than one time. It also felt a bit short, but I must tell you it was fun while it lasted.

The Bottom Line
A truly cinematic game, simple in its gameplay as most games in the FPS genre, but thoroughly entertaining if a simple but impressive actiongame suits your taste. Highly recommended!

Nov 9th, 2003 · Windows

Addictive arcade style shooter that is sure to satisfy
by Jason Appleby (7)

The Good
The strength of this game is that it knows what is is and what it isn't; there is no identity crisis here. COD is not a simulation demanding meticulous planning and squad tactics. It does not ask you to navigate across vast landscapes, or sneak around at night undetected. This games drops you into the thick of the action, with bullets whizzing past your head and team mates yelling and dying around you. The developers have devoted every aspect of this game to atmosphere, and have succeeded in creating an amazing feel. Even the way you move and fire your weapons just feels right, and your enemies react in realistic ways. You'll soon notice that this game is heavily scripted and linear, but is so well done that you rarely feel ripped off. Clever level design adds to the satisfaction. Just when you start to get bored they switch your character to the British or Russian army, and begin a new story. The opening Russian mission is brilliant, you'll love it. Also this game is great at lan parties, bring it on!

The Bad
Not much! Personally I enjoy more tactical games and the linear approach began to wear thin after a while. I don't appreciate enemies spawning endlessly until I cross the next trigger, making the game awfully predictable at times. Perhaps my main complaint about this game though is that they have no bots in MP. A map gets pretty lonely if only me and 3 mates are in it.

The Bottom Line
Play this game you won't be disappointed

Jul 28th, 2004 · Windows

Very, very good.
by Tomer Gabel (4631)

The Good
First of all I have to say that I generally don't like "realistic" games - flight sims, Counter Strike and its derivatives, Delta Force and its ilk... I just don't get the same sense of fun and satisfaction that I do from other, fictional games, and the realistic games are also usually extremely frustrating. Well, I'm happy to say that Call of Duty delivers on all fronts: fascinating, satisfying, technically impressive and (almost) flawless in gameplay.

To begin with, the graphics are absolutely astounding. Admittedly the machine I played this game on is quite monstrous (AthlonXP 2800+, 1GB memory, Radeon 9800XT), but at 1280x960 with everything maxxed out only once or twice did the frame rate even hickup (which is more than can be said for other contemporary games). The game looks beautiful: character animations are terrific, physics are realistic (no ragdoll physics, but I don't think they're worth the bother anyways); grass is grass, trees are trees, bunkers are bunkers, the weapons are clearly and accurately rendered; everything looks as it should. No cut corners, no savings in polygon count, lighting is gorgeous - right on target!

Although the game is quite short (about 8 hours net, finished it in a couple of days), it has - much like a good WWII movie - a sense of epic proportions. The missions are huge, varied and never boring or repetitive; there are no pointless "infiltrate with stealth, die if you are discovered" missions, no tacky mission to "obtain the Enigma" or other such crap: what you do get is packed, tight, hardcore action. You get to use practically every relevant weapon (from Luger pistols to Flak guns), drive a tank, take up shotgun while attempting an insane escape from a German-controlled area of France, desperately defend a bridge and fight off the Germans while awaiting reinforcements, commandeer a boat, infiltrate a dam and sabotage power stations, display the Soviet flag on top of the Reichstag... I'm getting out of breath here. The variety and immensity of the missions is simply astounding. The sheer adrenaline rush you get running with a Kark rifle, shooting down Germans while mortars blow up all around you is simply impossible to describe.

Both friendly and enemy AI is very good - far better than I expected, really. The enemies always try and take up hiding places, snipe at you rather than run blindly, jump at you from behind corners... if they're close enough they run and hit your with their guns (as in a melee attack), and they generally cooperate, which is rather impressive. Fortunately the friendly AI is no slouch, and you can almost always trust your comrades to do their job properly and gun down enemies.

Also, the automatic saving system works very well, requiring almost no (quick)save/load of any kind during the game.

... oh, and did I mention that the game never gets old?

The Bad
There's very little I did not like about this game, which is actually a very rare thing for me. I would rate these shortcomings as little more than nitpicking, but they're worth mentioning...

Some scenes in the game are frustrating. Not necessarily difficult, but simply annoying; for example, while infiltrating an airport the player gets to sit in the back of a truck and shoot down enemies. Usually that would have been a really cool scene, only it took me about 3 times to figure out why my truck kept blowing up - turns out that a German with an RPG was standing on a truck somewhere I would never have bothered to look. Realistic may damn well be, but no fun at all. Afterwards you get to fight off Stuka planes with a flak gun, only you are constantly shot at from a nearby roof, and for some reason your comrades are completely ineffective against them - which means you have to both shoot down planes and fire at snipers continuously. In another scene you sit in a Russian zodiac, get yelled at by a sergeant and finally shot at from an airplane; although there's no chance in hell you'll know what to do at that point, if you don't crouch at the right moment you get your head blown off and have to sit through the sergeant's lecture all over again (which is very annoying). Luckily there are very few such issues with the game.

The second thing I didn't appreciate is the music... it is a particularly awful attempt to duplicate the musical style Hans Zimmer coined in The Rock and Crimson Tide, with two exceptions: the first being that this style has got really old, and instead of inspiring it gets really annoying. The second is that in this particular instance, the music is way over dramatic, uninspired at best of times and generally mediocre. I really wish they'd do the soundtrack differently. A thought: various classical pieces put together in appropriate scenes (Beethoven's 9th, Mahler's 2nd... the options are limitless).

Finally, although this game has probably the lowest bug count in recent memory, I still encountered two or three bugs that really ruined my day, at least when at one time I had to reload my game because I literally got stuck between a tree and a rock and could not move.

The Bottom Line
A technically, cinematically, and historically impressive game: a great deal of fun for any gamer, and a very engrossing experience for history and movie buffs alike. Who knows, maybe playing this game will give people a little taste of what it's like to be a soldier and make them think twice in the future... we can only hope.

Jan 23rd, 2004 · Windows

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