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Jovial Race


Jovial Race is an action game similar to Pac-Man. Players control a racing car through a maze, running from other cars and collecting flags scattered around. The aim is to collect all flags in a particular maze to proceed to the next one of the 75 available.

There is a radar in the lower portion of the screen where players can see where the enemy cars and the flags are. The enemy cars are faster than the player, so it is necessary to try to lose them. If that doesn't work, players can leave smoke trails behind that will stop the enemy cars. These trails take fuel away; the car can be refueled by taking the flag with a L beside it.

Players can also collect food items which will earn them money. Running over animals make the players lose money. This money can be used to buy upgrades in a shop, accessible by pressing Start. The upgrades available are Turbo (speed boost), Gun (shoots enemy cars and stuns them), Saver (slows fuel consumption), Wheel (makes the car turn faster), Bumper (allows running over some obstacles), Secret (turns the car into a ghost, allowing for running through enemies), Rocket (shoots enemies and destroys them) and 1-Ups.

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