Grand Theft Auto 2

aka: GTA 2

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PlayStation credits (1999)

173 people (158 professional roles, 15 thanks) with 235 credits.


Development Team
Executive Producers
Technical Producers

DMA Design

Lead Programmer
Lead Artist
Map Editor
Audio Manager
Audio Programming
Sound Effects
Additional Sound Effects
Additional Music
  • Moving Shadow
Bonus Level Design
Frond End Design
Additional Support


QA Supervisor
Technical Support
Language Localisation
Development Manager
Creative Manager
Creative Director
Thanks To
Programming Support

Take2 QA Team

Lead Tester

Additional QA Team

QA Manager
Test Supervisors
Lead Testers
CD Technician


Production Team
Art Director
Packaging Design
Product Manager
Special Thanks To
Rockstar Testers


Bulamatari ‑ Taxi Drivers
  • Mr. Clarke - Writer
  • Key Wilde (Writer)
  • Performed by Bulamatari
  • Pete Fuhry (Producer)
  • (p)&(c) Clarke & Wilde
  • Published by Worm-Hole Productions
Flytronix ‑ Pendulum
Flytronix ‑ Past Archives
Anna - Do It On Your Own
Testing - My Tiny World
Pussywillows - Real Love
The One - Southpark
Conor & Jay - Vegas Road
Apostles Of Funk - Yellow Butter
Davidson - All I Wanna Do
  • Written - Performed and Produced by Davidson
  • (p)&(c) 1999 Apricot Records
  • Published by Inca Music
Stikkifingerz - Holdin' It Out for You
Track 7 - I Wanna Phunk
  • Written - Performed and Produced by Track 7
  • (p)+(c) 1999 Apricot Records
  • Published by Inca Music
Negro vs. Conner - Showin' Me Love
E=mc Good Times - Jacking In Hilltown
Reed - L.E.D.
Numb - How It's Done
Bert Reid's Guitar Trio - A Cool Day In Downtown
  • Recorded at Escobar Jazz Cafe
  • Engineer Unknown
Stylus Exodus - Toucan Pie
Tammy Boness & The Swinging Mammaries - The Diner
Cow Tastes Good - Surf City
Spangly Feet - Dazed & Confused
Rev. Rooney & The Rocksta Choir - God Bless All the Universe
Voice Box - Computer Lust
Future Loop - Garage Acid
Sterlin - Standing On My Own
Zoneboys - Amazing Grace (Traditional)
Toys Are Real - Flymutha
4 How Much 4 - O2n
Ido - Ball Blaster
Tsunami - F.A.G. Filter
EZ Rollers - Short Change
Scrapy Ard Mongrels - I Love This Feeling (Stoned Again)
Music for GTA2 Film Intro
Thanks To
NYC Sessions
  • DJs & Commercials
Written & Directed by
Sound Producer
Voice Over Artists
Special Thanks To

GTA2 Movie

Written by
Dop by
Edited by
Sound & Mix by
Music by
Directed by
Produced by
Executive Producer
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