Not So Middle Ages

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Not So Middle Ages is a text quest where you play as a simple cubicle rat who has traveled back in time. Your hero knows nothing and can't do anything, but he got his smartphone with Encyclopedia of Applied Recipes installed on it. Build advanced (by medieval standards) devices to amaze the villagers and even to alter the course of history. But remember, the battery goes down as you use your phone, and there is no way you can recharge it... Unless you build a voltaic pile.
You've traveled 700 years back in time. What kind of people you'll meet here? Can you trust them? And do you have a chance to go back in your time? It depends on the choices you'll have to make!

The year is 1358. The Republic of Venice faces serious troubles - Dalmatia is lost. Meanwhile, the Swiss cities fight against the Austrians, and the Austrian sovereign refuses to obey the Holy Roman Emperor and proclaim himself the Archduke – almost a king! How will the story go with you being in the thick of events?


The storyline splits into multiple branches, allowing you to choose. After the awakening in a shabby Alpine village you start to become known and get involved in the epicenter of intrigues. As a result, you can end up in:

  • Vienna: get in the court of the Austrian Archduke Rudolf IV, help him to centralize the country and become the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire;
  • Venice: help the Doge Giovanni Dolfin to establish control over the Adriatic, and then over the entire Mediterranean;
  • Bern: make the Swiss Confederation to the torch of science, bring in new cities and lands, and turn it into a medieval analogue of the European Union;
  • An even more distant and unexpected place.

Your choices affect the future: there are multiple possible endings in the game, that directly depend on what you'll choose!

* How can a modern man find a common language with a medieval peasant? How to handle the carpentry or blacksmithing tools? How to convince a rigorous sovereign to give up his fallacious view? By practicing in different cases your hero will hone his skills; * Make friends and enemies, earn gold and win fame, develop your skills to be able to meet any challenges.

The knowledge of new technologies is in your hands - use it to create the greatest inventions in history anew.

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