Wing Commander: The Secret Missions 2 - Crusade

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In the second add-on to Wing Commander, everything seems quiet at first. The Tiger's Claw is stationed in the Firekka system. The Firekkans are bird-like aliens who are applying for membership in the Confederation, with the Tiger's Claw watching over the diplomatic negotiations. Things change when huge Kilrathi fleets appear near Firekka. Even though the system has no military value, the Kilrathi are pulling fleets from other systems, all of them heading for Firekka. The Confederation is puzzled, until a Kilrathi defector is able to shed light on the mystery and the pilots of the Claw are called to defend Firekka and the Confederation diplomats from a Kilrathi holy war.

The add-on adds 16 new missions to fly, with a linear mission structure. New Kilrathi ships include the Hhriss heavy fighter, the Snakeir strike carrier and an upgraded version of the Dralthi. The player gets to fly these new Dralthi, provided by the Kilrathi defector, in special undercover missions. Many of the Kilrathi fighters are now manned by the Drakhai, the elite Imperial Guard, while the Confederation's defenses are reinforced by two new wingmen, Doomsday and Jazz.

Player characters from both the original game and the first add-on can be transferred, and the Mission Selector from that add-on, allowing one to play any mission from Wing Commander, is also included.

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Yet another add-on disk for Wing Commander.

The Good
Yet more of the same. WC had most of the best and most creative missions of the series, and most of them were in this set. Getting to creep around in a Kilrathi ship undercover, trying to avoid fights, is something no other WC game has done. Plus, it was the first to have any sort of major plotline to it - the first two were rather straightforward affairs. (IE - there's a giant CapShip we have to hunt down and destroy) Finally, they hit a near-perfect balance with the difficulty - more difficult than the original, but not as incredibly hard as SM 1. This was also the first WC to have a speed-limiting function that made it playable on high end 386s and 486s.

The Bad
Same gripes apply to this as with SM 1 - no branching mission structure. Again, if you lose a mission, the game is over. And the cutscene showing a six-breasted Kilrathi priestess was somewhat disturbing. ;->

The Bottom Line
Liked the other two WCs? Get this.

DOS · by WizardX (116) · 2000


When The Kilrathi Saga was released, Secret Missions 1 and 2 were made available for download from the Origin web/FTP site. The downloadable versions integrate seamlessly with Wing Commander.

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