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Fester's Quest

aka: Uncle Fester's Quest: The Addams Family
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Uncle Fester was out one night, moonbathing in the yard of the Addams Family property one day when suddenly, out of the sky, a UFO descended and started beaming alien creatures to the planet. Grabbing his gun, Fester sets off to stop the aliens and slay their boss creatures, encountering other Addams Family members along the way who will aid him.

Fester's Quest is an overhead-view game in which Uncle Fester uses his gun, or later, a whip to attack enemies near him. Enemies drop money and power-ups. The money can be used at Hot Dog stands to replenish health. A variety of items can be collected, each with a different effect. Fester and the rest of the Addams family are based on their characters from the popular 1960s TV show (this game was made before the remakes in both series and movie form).

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Average score: 48% (based on 14 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 40 ratings with 3 reviews)

A strange game that has the capacity to be difficult and irritating

The Good
Getting different guns is fun and it has puzzle elements to its gameplay that make it interesting.

The Bad
I always thought it was too difficult as a little kid as it had a steep learning curve. Looking back on it, the bad part was the pace of game play. You can only move at a walking speed with Fester, and when fast things come at you, its really really irritating. The gameplay was always too frustrating for me to fully warm up to this game.

The Bottom Line
You are uncle Fester with a gun and you shoot these weird frogs, blobs, and beehives. You go into sewers and you have to figure out when to use what items. It's like an uncaptivating zelda game almost.

NES · by Feem (30) · 2004

Addams Family Meets Blaster Master

The Good
The classic television series was given life for a new generation of fans through this game! This was before the 1990's feature films and other efforts to adapt the Addams Family for a more modern audience. Fester's Quest is a huge game that mixes science fiction themed arcade action with role playing elements. For the most part the combination works and this game features some great 8-bit graphics, music, and sound effects.

The Bad
The basic game engine will remind you of Blaster Master, which may or may not matter, depending on how familiar you are with Blaster Master. Minor enemies (let alone bosses) are sometimes difficult to hit and almost always re-spawn. Fester moves painfully slow and can only take a few direct hits before its game over. The game has no extra lives, continues or passwords. You need to beat the entire game in one setting or start all over. It is also fairly easy to get lost in the game, so be prepared to not only repeat the game from scratch often, but also create some pretty detailed outside and indoor maps.

The Bottom Line
Fester's Quest borrows many of the basic features of "Blaster Masters", especially the overhead shooting elements and mixed in some role playing elements. The result seems to work and is even fun, but the game is probably too hard for all but the most patient of gamer.

NES · by ETJB (428) · 2010

Uncle Fester's 8bit Adventure

The Good
Fester's Quest (1989) offers up some cool, 8-bit graphics, animation sequences, music and sound effects. The visual and audio effects may not impress a modern gamer, but they were impressive to a kid back in 1989.

The fact that the game looks and sounds as good as it does, is quite impressive for a NES game based on a television sitcom from the 1960s.

This game came out before the Addams Family (1991) film helped to renew interest in the franchise. Few kids had seen much of the original series, much less the 1977 reunion episode. Yet, the designers of the game took the time to really capture the look and feel of the Addams Family world, albeit 8-bit style.

The player takes control of Uncle Fester as he walks around the city, killing aliens, adding items to his inventory, explore homes and locating members of his famous family.

You begin the game with a weak blaster weapon, but (not unlike Contra) when you kill off enemies, they will sometimes leave behind some nice weapon's upgrades.

Success in the game requires mastery of your thumbs as well as your brain. In addition to the army of aliens (including several big bosses), you are going to have to hone in your RPG skills as well.

Fester's Quest offers a pretty big world for you to explore -- on foot --, so be prepared to draw up some maps. Whenever you enter a building the format of the game shifts over to something akin to a 3D, Dungeon Crawl format.

The Bad
Uncle Fester moves slowly in the game, and sometimes will walk even slower, when he gets hit by certain enemies. Most of the enemies in the game are much faster and more agile then you are.

All of the enemies will re-spawn if you even think about walking off-screen. This means that you will likely find yourself trying, in vain, to avoid taking damage from an endless army of aliens. Before you even get close to the first boss in the game, be prepared to die often.

Uncle Fester can withstand two hits before dying. Fester's Quest does not have extra lives or a password feature. The lack of a password feature is especially troublesome, given the RPG elements in the game.

You can buy hotdogs to restore your hits points, but the opportunities to do this are few and far between. Most of the time, death will come quickly and often in the game.

Festers Quest will allow you "Continue" (keeping all of the weapons and upgrades you have collected), but only if you are willing to be taken back to the very first screen in the game. It is a long and slow walk forward for Uncle Fester!

Yes, their is a bug in the game that allows you to get hit three times before dying, but the player will still die often and be let with the horrible choice of beating the game in one sitting or starting from scratch.

Initially, Fester has a weak gun (it sort of looks like an old fashion car horn) that shoots in a straight line, but you can grab some weapon's upgrades that look nice, but oftentimes only make the game harder. Why?

This is because many of the upgrades shoot their projectiles in some sort of wavy or boomerang-style motion. While they are more powerful weapons, you quickly find them to be highly ineffective in a narrow sewer or up against say, a frog from outerspace.

Much later on in the game you can also acquire a whip, which is one of the more useful weapons in the game. Alas, it is something that you have to go without during much of the game.

The rest of the Addams Family has largely been reduced to brief (sometimes helpful) cameos in Festers Quest. Granted, this makes sense -- in light of the story -- but their were certainly times in the game where it might have been fun to play as one of the other family members.

Last, but not least, Fester's Quest lacks the humor found in the original Television series. Yes, the game's opening and ending sequences look nice, but their is little in the actual game itself that connects with what made the television series popular.

In the game, Uncle Fester uses light bulbs to see in the dark -- a nice reference to the series - However, most of the time the game never really attempts to be funny or connect with fans of the series.

The Bottom Line
Fester's Quest looks and sounds nice enough for a NES game made in 1989. It also comes with a high degree of difficulty, largely due to some poor game play mechanics, which may be a deal breaker for some people. If you are up for a challenge, then put the game into you NES, turn the power on and start signing, "They're creepy and they're kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They're all together ooky, The Addams Family."

NES · by Shamal Jifan (20) · 2017

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