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Harem Party


Harem Party is an adult visual novel depicting many different common Japanese fetishes, including loli, incest, kemonomimi, and dojikko. Most sexual encounters are simply man and woman, although all girls are initially virgin.

Players control Haru, an average Japanese boy, or so it seems initially. The game starts with Haru playing one of his video games, in which he battles a demonic overlord together with his party. His party consists of Agnes, the warrior princess, Cleo, the sorceress, Sofie, the priestess and her two helpers, Urr and Nia. During the battle with the demonic overlord something strange happens and the demon starts talking to Haru directly. After a big flash all five girls from his game lie on top of him.

The game is real, it just takes place in another dimension, and the girls have gone to his world to prevent the demon taking over Haru, and to awaken him. As it seems he is the reincarnation of an old time hero in their world. The girls need to have sex two times per day minimum with Haru to be able to exist in his world. Alonside he needs to find a sword and awaken the strengths of the person he is the reincarnation of.

His older sister, Waka, is very jealous of the girls having sex all the time with Haru and is afraid they'll take him away as soon as the demon lord is dead. She confesses she stole his very first kiss many years ago by kissing him in his sleep when they were at their grandmother's house. She declares the love towards him, not as brother sister, but as man and woman. The demon lord uses this situation to his advantage, possessing Waka, making sure she's very vocal to Haru about her lust and love towards him.

The girls try to cope in this world by imprinting thoughts in people's heads to make sure they aren't complete strangers to everyone. They attend Haru's school and try to keep him safe. Anzu, a girl from Haru's school immediately smells trouble and eventually finds out the truth.

The demon lord wants the power Haru possesses and thus sends many monsters into the world to attack him, and possibly kill the five girls. After many things transpired the team was finally able to defeat the demon lord after Haru awakens his skills. He saves his sister, who was possessed by the demon.

The game depends heavily on choices made throughout the game and the ending can be very different for each player. To experience the full game, the player will have to play around three to four full playthroughs making different choices. An example of the ending is that the relationship with his sister went back to normal, and that the girls went back to their world without Haru. After Haru sees Agnes again on his tv screen, he wishes he could see her again as he loves her. The sword grants his wish, and he is teleported to their world. Agnes and Haru both declare their love and marry, ending happy ever after.

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Credits (Windows version)

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Agnes Ardbeg Augustus (アニエス=アードベック=アウグストゥス)
Cleo Cragganmore (クレオ=クラガンモア)
Sofistia Greygoose (ソフィスティア=グレイグース)
Urr Schlichte (ウル=シュリヒテ)
Nia Schlichte (ニア=シュリヒテ)
Moriuji Waka (杜氏 和華)
Kubota Anzu (久保田 杏)
Original Picture (原画)
Scenario (シナリオ)
Program (プログラム)
Script (スクリプト)
Public Relations (広報)
Music (音楽)
  • Funczion Sounds
Opening Theme (OPテーマ)
  • Koi no Keikenchi [恋の経験値]
Ending Theme (EDテーマ)
  • Koi no Encounter [恋のエンカウント]
Lyrics (作詞) / Composition (作曲)
  • Cranberry Studio
Vocal (ボーカル)
Graphics (グラフィック)
Background Line Art (背景線画)
Graphics Cooperation (グラフェィック協力)
  • Flyingshine
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