Terminator 3: War of the Machines

aka: O Exterminador do Futuro 3: A Guerra das Máquinas, Terminator 3: Bunt Maszyn, Terminator 3: De Oorlog van de Machines, Terminator 3: Krieg der Maschinen, Terminator 3: La Guerre des Machines
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Terminator 3: War of the Machines is an online game for up to 32 players to face off as either Skynet's technologically advanced machines or John Conner's Tech-Com Special Forces. The game is set in the war between man and machine outlined in the Terminator movies. Battlegrounds include post apocalyptic downtown Los Angeles, a battered ocean harbor and devastated highways. Fight with weapons, vehicles and characters taken from the movies including: T900 Endoskeleton, HK tank and even play as Arnold Schwarzenegger's T800 Model 101.


  • Терминатор 3: Война машин - Russian spelling
  • שליחות קטלנית 3: מלחמת המכונות - Hebrew spelling

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Average score: 37% (based on 21 ratings)


Average score: 2.5 out of 5 (based on 10 ratings with 1 reviews)

How could this garbage have gotten past Governator Ah-Nuld?

The Good
Hmmm...at least the developers were aware of the superb Battlefield games, because this game closely follows the Battlefield formula.

The Bad
Just about everything else.

Laughable Control
The controls in T3: War Of The Machines are so bad that they made me sick. The controls seem randomly assigned, but the big catch here is that you can only jump to your left, and you can only strafe to the right! What, does the Terminator have such limited jumping/strafing ability? I really don't think so, and even if it did, the developers still have no excuse because they should only make a game out of something if it's something fun.

Brain-Dead AI, Horrible Multiplayer
Another horrible shortcoming in T3:WOTM is the AI. Opponents will constantly bump into walls and basically just not know what they're doing. There is a large-scale multiplayer mode similar to that in the Battlefield games, but the terrible network code means lag, lag, and more lag, completely sucking the enjoyability out of the battles. Plus, the game's physics also feel terribly rushed.

Poorly Balanced Gameplay
Not that the battles would otherwise be any good, either. The whole game is a completely unfair experience. Humans (including the Terminator) are stronger and pack more firepower and better weaponry than the machines. Your overall experience with the game will largely depend on which side you are playing on: If you want to defend humanity and play as a human or as the Terminator, you'll feel unsatisfied. But if you want to be evil and play as a machine, you'll be downright infuriated. Either way, you'll still be frustrated at the single-player game for its abysmal AI, and at the multi-player game for the super-laggy play.

Anything Else?
Yes, we've got more problems. The graphics are detail-challenged, and the animation is extremely stiff and rushed. Just kill an enemy, you will merely see it magically go into a state of being on the ground, and it will completely vanish just a second later. The sound? Don't get me started. The sound effects feel tacked-on, the weapons don't sound very realistic, and there isn't much ambient sound to speak of. The voice acting for the Terminator also feels rushed, and is only good for laughing at it.

The Bottom Line
A sheer insult to Arnold Schwarzenegger, his career, and the Terminator franchise. Avoid at all costs, even if it's free.

Windows · by Spartan_234 (425) · 2006

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