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Total War: Arena


Total War: Arena is a free to play multiplayer real time strategy game with in-game purchasing and premium currency.

Each player can pick from several different ancient world cultures (Rome, Greece, Barbarians, Carthage), choose a historical commander and assemble three units. Players are grouped in 10 v. 10 battles against human or computer opponents on maps based on famous historical battles (Thermopylae, Marathon, etc). Victory is achieved by annihilating the other team, controlling its base long enough or having the most troops when the battle timer runs out.

When battle commences, your commander will lead one of the units and will provide a wide variety of special skills, boosts and abilities. Each unit have their own skills and abilities as well, in addition to the role of each unit: artillery (ballistae, etc.), ranged (archers, slingers, etc.), infantry or cavalry.

When the battle is over the players are rewarded based on their performance (whether the battle was won, how much damage they dealt relative to other players, and so on) with silver and experience. These can be used to further upgrade your commander's abilities, buy new equipment and consumable items for your units and unlock better units.

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