Impossible Snake 2

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Impossible Snake 2 is a one-button snake game where the goal is to eat all apples while avoiding hitting the walls, sparks, lasers and your own tail. It is the sequel to Impossible Snake.

The game has a simple control scheme similar to P0 Snake, where you control the snake with only single key presses or taps on the screen. The snake continuously moves in a circle and every time you tap the screen, the snake will toggle between turning clockwise and counter-clockwise.

There are 27 increasingly difficult levels, eat all apples and the exit door will open, go through the exit to go to the next level. Levels include narrow tunnels, moving and rotating enemies, laser beams that switch on and off, and switches to flip certain laser beams. the snake can warp around the edges of the screen, provided there is no blocking wall. In each level there is also a coin, usually in a hard to reach spot or guarded by enemy sparks. Players can optionally also eat the coin to collect it, collect enough coins and this will unlock the 9 bonus challenges, which are extra hard bonus levels.

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