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Super Noah's Ark 3-D

aka: Super 3D Noah's Ark

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Geeks Under Grace (7.3 out of 10)

Super 3D Noah's Ark aims its feeders at children for its target audience, but may prove to be too difficult for those at a young age. If you are a fan of Wolfenstein 3D but dislike the sub-par ports found on Steam, you will feel right at home on the Ark even if the animals don't exactly make you feel welcome.

Jan 10th, 2016 · Windows · read review

Christ Centered Gamer / Christ Centered Game Reviews (52 out of 100)

If you're good, this classic game can be beaten in five hours or less. For a perfectionist, it may take longer. Super 3-D Noah's Ark is a meager 22MB and has dated graphics and sound effects. The background music can get repetitive but a couple songs did grow on me after awhile. Even though this game is a classic in its own right, I still have fonder memories of Wolfenstein 3D.

Jul 6th, 2015 · Windows · read review

Player Reviews

Odd, yet surprisingly playable
by JudgeDeadd (28476)

The Good
Variety in the levels

The Bad
Ridiculous difficulty

The Bottom Line
You'd think that a Wolf3D clone with a cutesy, family friendly, Biblical theme couldn't possibly be a good game, and yet here I am after several hours of gameplay. This game isn't exactly among the cream of the crop of shooters, but it's perfectly playable and a cool way to wile away a few minutes at a time. The level design is varied enough to keep you from getting bored halfway through.

At first, the whole "feed the animals throughout the ark" theme feels distracting, since it strains the suspension of disbelief; it's obviously a shooter game, but you're supposed to accept that the guns you are shooting are actually feeders that launch generic animal feed, and that every single animal attacks non-violently by spitting at you (including the vegetarian bear). Honestly, the attempt to adapt first-person shooter mechanics into a completely nonviolent game feels cheesy. Still, after a few episodes you kinda forget about the silly theme. Mostly because you're at that point you're more focused on trying to just barely survive.

See, the game's difficulty level starts out tame, as you'd expect from a kids' game. But about episode 4 the challenge increases to downright ridiculous levels. I kept myself to Normal difficulty, and still found several levels absolutely nightmarish. The enemies can take off a HUGE chunk of your health if they catch you unawares, and I mean instantly going from 100% to 30% health because an ostrich drooled on you. Worse, the game isn't always generous with health and ammo, and if you're careless you might find yourself having to (quite literally) count every bullet. I mean, seed. Saving before every room helps take off the edge a bit, but still, the gameplay resembles Russian Roulette at times -- either you take 'em out instantly, or they do the same to you.

If you're in the mood for a lightweight game, Noah's Ark can be a good choice. Just... be sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

Mar 4th, 2019 · Windows

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