Space Dungeon

Surrounded by cosmic enemies, you cautiously explore the multi-tiered chambers in search of treasure. One false move and you're astral dust! With 99 exciting game levels!


Atari 5200 Super System Catalog 1983

At last! Dual joystick action at home. enjoy all the exciting graphics and game play of the challenging arcade game--SPACE DUNGEON. Search for treasure in the antechambers of outer space. Keep that laser cannon blasting away at all times. Deep space is full of cosmic enemies, all quite determined that you never get back alive!

THIS CARTON CONTAINS: * SPACE DUNGEON Cartridge * Controller Holder for Arcade Action

THIS CARTRIDGE CAN ONLY BE USED WITH THE ATARI® 5200™ SUPERSYSTEM * ONE PLAYER * TWO PLAYERS - Use two 5200™ controllers with this ATARI® game cartridge. A specially designed controller holder is included to make it easier for you to operate both joysticks simultaneously--for arcade-like action! See your game instructions for details. - For use with North American and other NTSC Television Sets only. - MODEL 5232


Back of Box - 5200 (US)

Contributed by RKL, Joshua J. Slone.

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