NHLPA Hockey '93

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SNES credits (1992)

29 people (24 professional roles, 5 thanks) with 31 credits.

Design adapted by Michael Brook, Scott Orr, Richard Hilleman
Technical Design by Jim Simmons
Programmed by Park Place Productions, William V. Robinson
Graphics by George Simmons, Brian O'Hara, Curt Toumanian
Music by Rob Hubbard
Sound by Rob Hubbard
Produced by Michael Brook
Assistant Producer Robert Zalot
Technical Directors Scott Cronce, Thomas S. DeBry
Testing by Yun Shin, Steven Matulac, Michael Rubinelli
Player Ratings by Igor Kuperman
Product Manager Chip Lange
Art Director Nancy Waisanen
Package Design E.J. Sarraille Design Group
Package Photos Steve Babineau
Quality Assurance Jim Newman
Documentation Timothy S. Flanagan
Documentation Layout Evelyn Spire
Special Thanks to Bob Borgen, Ted Saskin, Ian Pulver, Rob Blake, John McIntyre
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Credits contributed by Joshua J. Slone, formercontrib, Terok Nor.