Sonic & Knuckles Collection

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The Sonic & Knuckles Collection contains three games ported from the Sega Genesis:

In addition it contains Special Stage Mode, a collection of bonus levels previously available in Sonic & Knuckles as "Blue Sphere".

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Average score: 76% (based on 8 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 16 ratings with 1 reviews)

One of the first attempts of Sonic for PC (quite good)

The Good
In this version, we've got a lot of possibilities of launching the game (same Sonic 3, same Sonic & Knuckles, connected both titles and the separate bonus game), emulating really good the original system of connecting the cartridges on Mega Drive. Maybe it's rather symbolic feature, but it's nice that users of PC can feel the "original style" of unusual distribution of this game. Despite two unpleasant issues, the port is made correct. And what about the same game? It's one of the best titles from Sonic series ever. Plenty of well made levels (they're still very varied like in previous parts, but they're also better developed - less "copy&paste" fragments, bigger diversity). A bit renewed models of characters (new Sonic looks really better than his "chubby brother" from Sonic 1 and Sonic 2), and the new challenger - Knuckles! Playing with him is really great thing, he has his own, unique style with soaring, climbing on the walls but a bit weaker jump. Finally there is some variety with bosses - it's not always dr Robotnik, there are various subbosses (some of them are too easy though). The new music motives sounds good & pleasant even today (despite some lack I've mentioned in "dislike" section), especially in comparison to (a bit passe) motives from Sonic the Hedgehog. And you've got here some nice surprise - Sonic the Hedgehog The Screen Saver for free (pack with screen saver, plenty of wallpapers, icons and music from Sonic series)

The Bad
The PC port have some strange malfunction if you're playing in the window - it's terribly fast, only playing on full screen guarantee the good gameplay experience (fortunately, there is patch which can fix this issue). It's a big mystery for me, why Sega "spoiled" music in this game. We've got two options of synthesizing the music, but even the better one is offering a bit worse quality than in case of original, Mega Drive version. And unfortunately, multiplayer is only available in local version, no network features. About the same game - while there is more memorable levels than in Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic 2, some zones have really trivial appearance (like the desert or casino) and a bit annoying music. Once more about multiplayer - it's unfortunately step backward in comparison to really well made multiplayer for Sonic 2. It's just a simple race, without "many - aspect competition".

The Bottom Line
It's one of the first ports of Sonic series on PC, made in 90'. Has it lacks, but still you can play with pleasure in one of the best games from Sonic series. It's dynamic, fast game, with some re-playability value (playing with Tails or Knuckles gives us completely different style of beating the levels and even allows to obtain some parts unavailable for Sonic). It has plenty of good and nice developed levels, music a bit worse than in MD version, but still nice and better than in previous parts. Definitely good title for every fan of platform games and/or fan of Sonic.

Windows · by M R (11) · 2015


By the way: if you don't know, what an Echidna is (Knuckles the Echidna)...:

Echidna is the zoological equivalent to an anteater in form of some kind of hedgehog, which can be found in Tasmania.

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