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Sub Mission

aka: Sub Mission: A Matter of Life and Death


An evil alien warlord has kidnapped two Earthlings, Peter and Sigourney. He agrees to free them only on one condition: somebody must defeat him in a dangerous game that consists of piloting submarines with a remote control. Who is brave enough to stand up to this challenge? And who can assume this grave responsibility - since the destruction of the submarine leads to the death of the two humans?...

Sub Mission incorporates elements of a submarine simulation and action. The player must preserve the submarine intact, find the two kidnapped humans, and safely bring them home. It is possible to assign robots as the submarine crew; their destruction won't automatically end the game. However, should the player fail, e.g. have his/her submarine destroyed, Peter and Sigourney will die. The game actually erases these characters from the disk, with only one chance at resurrection; should the player fail this chance as well, the game will be over permanently, i.e. it will be impossible to play again.

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Due to the "feature" of permanently deleting a character from the game disk, sales of Sub Mission were catastrophic.

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