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Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury

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Windows credits (2018)

212 People (197 developers, 15 thanks)

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury

Creative Director
Game Director
Associate Producer
Artists 2D
Artists 3D
Content Design Lead
Content Design
Embedded QA Testers
Additional Content
Additional Programmers
Additional Art
Localization Manager
Head of Music
Original Music
  • Electric Lodge Music AB
QA Team Lead
QA Project Coordinator
QA Testers
Community QA


QA Team Leader
QA Testers

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury (continued)

Royal Thanks
Product Manager
Product Marketing Managers
Partner Account Manager
Data Scientist
Community Managers
Marketing Producer
Performance Marketing Manager
User Researcher
Content Design Managers
Programming Manager
Art Manager
Art Producer
QA Manager

Paradox Interactive - Management


Paradox Interactive - Product Management Team

Vice President Product Management
Product Managers

Paradox Interactive - Production Team

Vice President Production
Production Manager
Senior Producers
Associate Producers
Release Manager

Paradox Interactive - Product Verification Support Team

Game Design Specialist
Tech Specialist

Paradox Interactive - QA Team

Senior QA Manager
Senior QA Tester
Experienced QA Testers
QA Testers
Junior QA Tester
QA Compatibility Specialist

Paradox Interactive - Marketing

Vice President Marketing
Product Marketing Managers
Creative & Content Production
Performance Marketing
Community Management
Customer Support
Public Relations

Paradox Interactive - Customer Relationship Management & Commerce

Product Manager - Commerce
Product Manager - CRM & Loyalty
Content Manager
UX Designer
Project Manager
Distribution Manager
Marketing Automation Specialist

Paradox Interactive - Product Insights

Product Insights Manager
User Research Manager
User Researchers
User Research Administrator
Data Scientists

Paradox Interactive - Partner Management

Vice President Sales
Partner Account Managers
Store Coordinator
Legacy Sales Manager

Paradox Interactive - Business Development

Vice President Business Development

Paradox Interactive - Business Developers

New Business
Head of Music

Paradox Interactive - Devops & Data

Platform Director
Technical Director
Data Manager
Programming Manager
Project Manager
Senior Software Engineers
Senior Automation Engineers
Automation Engineer
Software Engineers

Paradox Interactive - IT


Paradox Interactive - Finance & Legal


Paradox Interactive - Mobile & Experiment Team

Product Manager Mobile
Product Manager Experiment
Mobile Producer
Mobile Marketing Producer
Junior User Acquisition Manager Mobile

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