aka: Centipede 3D
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Windows credits (1998)

74 people (63 professional roles, 11 thanks) with 79 credits.

Leaping Lizard Software - Management

Director of Product Development
Director of Research and Development

Leaping Lizard Software - Production

Project Manager
Lead Level Designer
Lead Designer
AI Programmer
Senior Programmers
Senior Artist/Animators
Programming Interns

Leaping Lizard Software - Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Hasbro Interactive - Management

President of Hasbro Interactive

Hasbro Interactive - Production

Executive Producer
V.P. Product Development Worldwide
V.P. Research and Development
Senior Designer
Director of Business Development
Associate Game Designer
Operations and Special Projects Manager

Hasbro Interactive - Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Supervisor
Director of Quality Assurance
U.S. Project Coordinator
Manager of Technical Service
V.P. of Technology
Administrative Secretaries

Hasbro Interactive - Marketing

Product Manager
Director of Marketing
V.P. of Marketing

Hasbro Interactive - Public Relations

Director of Public Relations

Hasbro Interactive - Creative Services

Director of Creative Services
Art Director
Graphic Designer
Editorial Specialist

Mondo Media - Production

Art Director/Designer

1205 Recording

1205 Recording

Hasbro Interactive - Legal & Finance

V.P. of Finance
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Credits contributed by Wizo, B.L. Stryker, Slarty Bartfast.