High Orbit

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In High Orbit, you play as a spaceship captain, whose job is to rescue stranded astronauts from attacking alien vessels above Earth's surface. You control the crosshairs of your vessel, which is armed with both phasers and a tractor beam. A spinning geometric shape consisting of 3 - 6 points is located on the screen at the beginning of each level, and the player must pull randomly appearing space station parts onto these points using the tractor beam. Your tractor beam has limited power, and can only move pieces a limited distance before recharging. While trying to position the station parts, alien vessels will fly onto the screen and attempt to destroy the parts. These alien vessels can be destroyed with your phasers before they cause damage, but care must be taken not to shoot your own station parts.

After all station parts are placed, the spinning points will coalesce into a rotating geometric shape. A final station piece must be placed within the center of the completed geometric shape, and then shot with your phasers to power the station. After this, a rescue shuttle will approach, and the stranded astronauts will be spirited to safety.

Your ship is invulnerable, but you have a limited time frame to complete your mission. If time runs out, the level is incomplete. Each difficulty level consists of individual stages where you must complete a 3, 4, 5, and then 6 point puzzle. After this, you restart at 3 points with a more aggressive alien attack


Credits (Apple II version)

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