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Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider

aka: Looney Tunes: Perro & Lobo, Ralph il Lupo all'attacco, Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf, Une faim de loup
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Sheep Raider is a 3D puzzle game, with gameplay mimicking the wacky contraptions and situations from the original cartoons. Players need to catapult themselves across a canyon, camouflage themselves as a bush to sneak past Ralph, lure sheep with sheep perfume etc.

The player takes on the role as starving Ralph Wolf and must help him steal one sheep from Sam Sheep Dog and get it to a certain goal location. With a wide arsenal of Acme gadgets at his disposal, Ralph is sure to concoct the perfect plan for keeping his stomach filled, or not! The game takes place across 15 various stages as well as 2 hidden stages, each with their own requirements and challenges, so the longevity of the game is notable.

The puzzles consist of finding items and using them at certain location or on certain characters. Items include lettuce to lure sheep and mines which can be defused. There also are mailboxes with which the player can order a wide arsenal of helpful Acme gadgets. Directly after ordering the product is air shipped instantaneously, with a crate falling from the sky. Gadgets include a rocket, dynamite, elastic band, a fan, a metal detector and many more. Some gadgets are level specific, like for example a time travel gadget with which Ralph can traveling back and forth in time to manipulate placement of rocks and trees.

There are checkpoints throughout each of the levels, although there are no visual clues as to where they are. For example, if the player reaches a certain area carrying the sheep and then falls off a cliff, the player plus sheep will be respawned near that area. Each level also has a punch clocks, usually in a hidden area, they acts just as an extra collectible.

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Have you ever wanted to be in a cartoon? This game will let you experience it!

The Good
This game has a very interesting premise, you are Ralph Wolf (cousin of the more famous Wily E. Coyote) and you are a contestant on Daffy Duck's game show "Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf"! There are 15 levels, and you are required to steel one of the sheep that Sam Sheepdog is guarding. You get to use the superfast mailboxes, along with plenty of funny ACME gadgets for the game, and you get to play with the wonderfully funny cartoon logic. The audio is very good, too, you get to actually hear all the characters talking. And as far as I can remember, they sound just as good as they do on TV. Plenty of things that you do in this game would make no sense in the real world, but that's part of what makes this game so great - you really do feel like you're in the Looney Tunes world!

The Bad
Daffy looked a little weird in his suit, otherwise nothing.

The Bottom Line
If you like Looney Tunes at all you should get this game! If you don't like Looney Tunes, but you do like comedy you should get this game! And if you just like computer puzzle games, you should get this game! Basically everyone should at least try this game because it's so much fun, and it really does transport you to another world!

Windows · by CubbyKatz (83) · 2004

A puzzle game with awesome graphics and sound, but gameplay suffers from minor technical and design flaws.

The Good
The graphics look great considering it's a PS1 game. The characters are well animated and and the controls are good. The levels are colorful and have lots of detail, and overall the look and feel of the original cartoons are convincingly recreated in 3D. Each level is large and unique and provides a good challenge. I especially like the time travel level 8 and there's even an hidden extra level involving time travel.

The music is good and the voices of all the characters (Daffy, Porky, Elmer etc.) sound very close to the original cartoons. It even contains complete spoken dialogues for 6 different languages all on one single disc. All in all the production value really shows.

The Bad
In many places there's little room for error. It's easy to miss a jump, accidentally step into Sam's field of vision, or place a rock incorrectly.

Often there are many steps required to set up an elaborate solution, and every time you fail you have to repeat the steps over and over until you get it just right. On top of that there are unskippable death animations (Sam punching you, piranha eating you etc) and occasional problems with the camera, which make the game frustrating to play.

Occasionally the room for error is so small, that you think you are taking a wrong approach. For example on level 4 you simply don't get enough time to pick up a sheep after you knock out Sam, and the boss fight in level 10 is just impossible even when you know what to do. There also are some dead ends and glitches. For example at the end of level 11 you can get stuck if run out of lettuce. And in level 14, when you catapult the sheep onto the train it gets stuck in mid air(!). Also waiting on the train to arrive, sometimes for more than a minute, can be very tedious.

This is a real shame because I suspect the flaws lie mostly in the level design and configuration. With a little more testing and tweaking it could have been so much better.

The Bottom Line
A great puzzle game with lots of originality and high production values, but in some places tedious which I assume could have been fixed with more gameplay testing.

PlayStation · by BdR (7108) · 2014


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