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Reblob is a puzzle game for Android. Every level is grid based and a single screen, so all grids are visible at once. The player moves the character squishy from its spawn point orthogonally to reach a destination. Obstacles are blocking walls, deadly lava tiles, deadly cyclopes and blocked destination points – supporting mechanics are switches to remove some walls, portals to teleport to a specific location and a special switch to open the access to the exit if it is blocked. When squishy dies in the lava he leaves a bridge that can be used once to cross over the lava. So dying becomes a tactical component in solving a level, but only a finite number of blobs is available in each level. If the last blob is consumed the level needs to be restarted. Additionally – and this is the unique core mechanic of the game – you can move the spawn point to a free location up to three grids away from your position, even diagonally. So to traverse the possibility space of the levels you need to think back and forth in space and time and sometimes die to the left to respawn to the right of an obstacle to use the bridges to safely reach the exit. The game offers 65 Levels: 15 for the tutorial, 10 advanced puzzles, 10 portals, 10 cyclops, 10 switches and 10 combinations to prove mastery of all mechanics.

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5 People

Level Design
Sound Design
Animation System
Additional Art
Project Management

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