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Shrek 2: Activity Center contains a number of mini-games based on the 2004 movie Shrek 2 with characters such as Donkey, Gingerbread Man, Harold, Princess Fiona, Puss-in-Boots, Shrek and others. From a central hub location in the swamp all available activities can be selected by clicking on a character.* Catch Puss-in-Boots: in multiple rounds with different backdrops the player quickly needs to click Puss-in-Boots when he appears (for instance from behind a tree or a rock) to catch him. Other characters appear as well and those need to be ignored. Coins dropping down can be clicked as well for extra points.

  • Careening Carriage: a carriage moves forward automatically in a 2D vertically scrolling environment shown from a top-down view. Many objects can be collected for points, but obstacles need to be avoided by steering away. A horizontal line near the bottom of the screen shows the remaining distance.

  • Dinner with the King: in a challenge with the king Shrek needs to copy exactly what the king eats. The amount of food gradually increases and the player needs to memorize which items are eaten and in which order to win. With each turns the camera shifts between the two characters, seated on both ends of the table and shown from a side view.

  • Fairy Godmother's Lab: in multiple rounds Shrek's appearance needs to become regular again. The player brings back his original colour by selecting the correct flasks and powders to mix as components in Fairy Godmother's cauldron.

  • Hide and Seek: in different backdrops the characters hide in the environment. At the start of a round each character is shown along with the hiding place. Then the player needs to click the hiding place when a character is shown in the magic mirror. It is possible to scroll as the backdrop is larger than a single screen. When near a hiding place the cursor changes into a magnifying glass.

  • Juice at the Beach: Fiona needs to create a large number of drinks by mixing the correct ingredients in a blender following recipes. The ingredients scroll by near the bottom of the screen.

  • Muffin Masterpiece: the three little pigs need to gather the ingredients the Muffin Man needs to bake a masterpiece. The three pigs hold a bowl near the bottom of the screen and need to be moved left or right to catch the correct ingredients as they drop down.

For almost all mini-games only a small number of misses is allowed. There is a separate Print Center section where unlocked certificates, recipes and other rewards can be printed. The game contains three difficulty levels and it keeps track of the high score for each game.

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