Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator

aka: Star Trek
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Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator is an arcade action game where you take control of the Starship Enterprise. Your mission is to save the Federation from NOMAD! Before you get a chance at destroying NOMAD, you'll have to battle your way through ten levels (each consisting of multiple rounds). In each round you may encounter Klingon fighters, deadly anti-matter saucers, asteroid fields, and deadly meteors, all of which are capable of depleting the Enterprises energy. The game ends when your energy supply has completely run out. To fight these dangers, the Enterprise is equipped with an unlimited supply of phasers and a limited supply of photon torpedoes. Each round also contains one or more starbases; if you dock at a starbase, some of your supplies (such as energy and torpedoes) will be replenished. The game is played from two points of view; the top of the screen contains a third person view of the Enterprise (along with the ships gauges), and on the bottom of the screen is a first person point of view

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Average score: 62% (based on 7 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 26 ratings with 1 reviews)

Surprisingly faithful port of the Arcade Version.

The Good
Given what system hardware it was written for it was a above average game.

The screen is divided into 3 critical areas. -Status Screen - Colored blocked indicate power, photons, and shields

-Short Range Scanner - This provides a tactical overview of the Enterprise, enemy targets and Starbases.

-Main view screen - This is where all the real action happens!

The game is divided into ten Sectors (different skill levels). Each Sector has six different rounds.

  1. Klingon Encounter 4. Klingon Encounter
  2. Klingon Encounter 5. Klingon Encounter
  3. Asteroid Field or Meteor Shower 6. NOMAD

During the Klingon rounds, Klingon's will attempt to destroy both the Enterprise (you) and the Starbase. You should first destroy the Klingon's attacking the Starbase and if needed Dock with it to replenish your critical systems!

This really makes for some fan shmup action!

-Gameplay: Except for the voices found in the arcade version everything is here. -The graphics, the look of each level was superior to the Arcade Version

-What sound you heard was great and faithful to Star Trek

-Gameplay was rock solid and for it's time had a great immersive quality

The Bad
-Lack of music, this is very understandable given the limitations of the Atari 2600. I often wondered what the game would have looked like if it had been written for the Starpath Supercharger.

The Bottom Line
Arcade shoot em up. Multiple stages of arcade fun and your at the helm of the Mighty Starship Enterprise.

Atari 2600 · by Trekster (29) · 2009


Intellivision version

SEGA announced a version for Intellivision but it was never released.

TI-99/4A version

The TI-99/4A version takes advantage of the platform's speech synthesizer accessory, providing audible announcements of progress and game events.

Information also contributed by Asterisk.

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