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Babyz: Your Virtual Bundle of Joy

aka: Babyz: A te rendre compl├Ętement gaga !

Windows credits (1999)

66 People (65 developers, 1 thanks)

Designed by

Lead Designer
Behavior Engineer
Original Concept
Design Consultant
Babyz Look Design
Character Design Tools & Engineering

Produced by

VP of Product Developement
Production Assistant
Design Contributor

Engineering by

Technical Lead
Toyz & Interface Engineer
Consulting Engineer

Art & Animation by

Lead Character Animator
Lead Artist
Toyz & Playscene Art
Design & Animation
Additional Character Animation
Animation Assistant

Sound Production by

Voice & Sound Effects
  • Interactive Audio
Executive Producer
Voice Talent
Sound Engineering
Sound Effects
Babyz Music

Additional Contributors

Design Consultant
Engineers Emeritus
Artist Emeritus
Installer Programmer
Help File Author
Manual Editor
Manual Layout and DTP
  • Louis Saekow Design


Marketing Manager
Senior VP of Sales & Marketing
Public Relations Director
  • Gumas Advertising
Babyz Portrait Printing
  • George Lithograph



Technical Support/MIS

Technical Support/MIS

Special Thanks

Exec VP Entertainment
Vice President of R&D
Art Director
VP of Business Development
Multimedia Production

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