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Alisia Dragoon

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Alisia Dragoon is the female protagonist of this fast-paced platform game. Alisia must destroy an evil demon and avenge her fathers death through eight stages. She has only one weapon to dispose of enemies: thunder magic. This magic is auto-aiming and can track multiple targets. However, her quest is no easy task as the levels are loaded with fantasy-inspired monsters. Using thunder magic reduces a magic gauge, meaning you often have to wait for it to recharge. Once fully charged Alisia can unleash a massive rolling blast of lightning across the screen.

During the game, you can improve your magic by picking up potions. There are also four monsters which accompany Alisia: Dragon Frye, Ball O'Fire, Thunder Raven and Boomerang Lizard. Each has different abilities, deciding which, if any, to use in a given situation is part of the challenge. These monsters, like Alisia herself, are fully upgradeable with power-ups. They can also die if weakened too much, forcing you to hunt for a reviving power-up. You can pause the game and select your companion at any time.


  • アリシア ドラグーン - Japanese spelling

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37 People (28 developers, 9 thanks) · View all

Main Programer
Assistant Programer
Main Graphic Designer
Assistant Graphic Designer
Music Programer
Assistant Music Programer
Story Concept Designer
Scenario Writer
Character Design of Monsters
Character Design of Alisia
Technical Support
Art Work
Music Composer
  • Mecano Associates
Music Producer
Special Thanks
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Cut companions

Inside the game code, you can find icons for two additional companions, which were not included in the final game. One of them looks like a giant fish.

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  • MobyGames ID: 12280


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