Thrilogy of Games


Thrilogy of Games is a compilation of three arcade games for the Apple II written in BASIC.

Smashup- The player and a computer opponent drive in opposite directions on a multi-lane circular track. The player's goal is to grab multiple point tokens distributed on the track, while avoiding smashing head-on into the opposing vehicle. The player must frequently change lanes to avoid the opponent vehicle. The player's vehicle can move fast or slow, and can change two lanes in slow and one lane in fast. There are a total of 4 skill levels.

Bustout- A solitary ping-pong variant, where the player controls a paddle, and must stop a bouncing ball from falling off the screen. While doing this, they must smash the blocks that are on the screen. For every set of blocks that are removed, the ball will bounce faster, and the player's paddle will shorten.

William Tell - An arrow shooting game, where the player has a total of 5 arrows. Two are in an apple tree, and one rests atop your son's head. The strength of your shot is dependent on how long the fire key is held. The goal is to hit all 3 apples, and if your son is hit, it's game over.

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