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The Haunted Palace


The Haunted Palace is a horror-themed 1st person adventure/RPG hybrid.

A body has been discovered, charred beyond all recognition, in the furnace of Lord Edward Stuart's great estate. It is unclear who or how the body arrived there, or what connection it may have to the demon possessed chambers deep beneath the mansion.

The player plays one of 6 possible characters, with the goal of discovering the defeating the demon that infests the pits beneath the Haunted Palace. The 6 playable characters are: The owner of the manor Lord Edward Stuart, the manor's butler Charles, the tireless maid Mary, Michael the head steward, the steward's wife Sybil who has the power of ESP, and the gardener Frederick who was a decorated war veteran. Each of these characters have unique starting statistics that influence how the adventure proceeds.

Played from a first person perspective, the player has the ability to peer in the 4 cardinal directions in each room, each giving a unique perspective. The player can receive a text description of each room as well, which informs them of the room name, and which items are available. The player uses items from a list of commands to solve a variety of puzzles. Player's statistics can also be used to overcome puzzles, and the player can lose health during their explorations. The ultimate goal is to solve the mysteries of the catacombs beneath the manor.


Credits (Apple II version)

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