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Good golfing sim which comes with a (somewhat difficult) course editor where you can create your own golf courses to play on

The Good
The graphics were good and the two courses that came with the game were well reconstructed from the real life locations. The course editor was also a good feature where you could create your own golf courses.

The Bad
If you're not really into golf then this game is not really for you(the game actually came with a real golf ball!!!) Also, the course editor was very tricky to use. It could take hours to create one course and sometimes placing individual trees and other small objects could be hard. Another thing with the course editor was that you could place a wide variety of surfaces on the course including volcanic lava! I thought that this was supposed to a realistic golfing sim, who has ever heard of a golf course containing lava? Because the course editor is a bit difficult I just use the two built in courses.

The Bottom Line
Good golfing sim for all you serious golfers out there. I would not recommend this game to people who are not really into the sport and the course editor can also be a little difficult to use.

Windows · by James Walter (272) · 2001

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