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Star Control 3

aka: Star Control: Kessari Quadrant, Star Control: The Kessari Quadrant

[ DOS ] [ Macintosh ] [ Windows ]

DOS credits (1996)

115 People (110 developers, 5 thanks)


Associate Producer
Assistant Producer
Melee Ship Design Support
Dialog Writing
Dialog Editing
Test Department Supervisor
Test Lead
Game Testers
Test Support
Art Lead
Game Art
Art Support
Sound Support
Tools Support
Manual Production
Manual Writing
Product Marketing Managers
Public Relations
Executive Producer
Marketing Director
Special Thanks to

Legend Entertainment Company

Project Leader
Team Leaders
Plot Development
Interactive Scripting
Additional Scripting
Dialogue Editing
Game Design (Script)
Game System Design
Interface Design
Melee Programming
Melee Ship Design
System and Interface Programming
Game Programming
Audio Interface Library 3.5
  • Miles Design Inc.
Executive Production
Testing Coordination
Art Direction
3D Modeling and Rendering / Panoptic Imaging
3D Rendering
Art and Animation
Alien Character Design
Animatronics and Minatures Created by
Alien Set Design and Construction
Special Effects Supervision
Lead Alien Design and Sculpture
Anamatronics Designer
Special Effects Director of Photography
Special Effects Crew
Video Post-Production Director
Video Post-Production Facility
  • Flite Three
Video Post-Production Facility Coordinator
Post-Production Engineer
Post-Production Editor
Post-Production Assistant Editor
Post-Production Paintbox Editor
Post-Production Image Processing
Audio Production and Direction
Music Composition
Sound Effects
Voice Talent Casting
Voice Talent Direction
Audio Engineering and Recording
  • Absolute Pitch
Voice Talent Cast
Based upon characters created and used under licence from

Warner Interactive

Product Manager
Quality Assurance

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