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Test Drive: Off-Road 2

aka: Test Drive: 4x4
Moby ID: 12618

PlayStation version

Accolade and Pitbull hit the mud in a average racer

The Good
While the first Off Road felt like Need for Speed 2 in a off-road environment and in circuits rather than point to point, let's pretend the sequel to be what the first one should've been: Some good course and vehicle selection, vehicles that can be upgraded, slightly balanced AI (though I was able to get first in some races), good sound and music, though the announcer gets old fast (see The Bad).

The Bad
The graphics look bad by today's standards and the announcer gets annoying (each time you land a big jump, you hear "Awesome!" or "Whoa!"). The controls take time to get used to and the time limit is so tight that you can't even beat the first track on Hard.

The Bottom Line
An above average racer, but if you want to splash into some wet mud, you'd better get Wide Open on the PS2.

by BlaringCoder (169) on November 14th, 2017

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