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Veil of Darkness

aka: Veil of Darkness: Norowareta Yogen
Moby ID: 1271

[ DOS ] [ FM Towns ] [ PC-98 ] [ Windows add ]

DOS credits (1993)

26 people with 28 credits.

Producer (Event Horizon) James H. Namestka
IBM Lead Programmer Thomas J. Holmes
Additional Programming Don Wuenschell
Designers Thomas J. Holmes, Christopher L. Straka
Art & Graphics Frank Schurter, Jane Yeager
Music Anthony Mollick, Ed Puskar, Pete Smolcic
Story Author Scot Noel
Rule Book Editors Al Brown, Eileen Matsumi, André Vrignaud
Editing Support Kym Goyer
Producer (SSI) Nicholas Beliaeff
Associate Producers David A. Lucca, Rick E. White
Playtesters Michael H. Gilmartin, Sean House, Chris Warshauer, Christine M. Watson
Test Support Sandy Sturtevant
Graphic Design/DTP David Boudreau, Leedara Sears
Art Direction (box) Louis Hsu Saekow
Photography (box) David Boudreau
Photo Retouch (box) Arnold Doong
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Credits contributed by Robert Morgan.