King Arthur's World

aka: Royal Conquest

SNES credits (1992)

51 people (43 professional roles, 8 thanks) with 57 credits.

Argonaut Software Ltd. (London, England)

Managing Director
Game Design
Game Code
Game Artwork
Game Sound
Special Thanks

Jaleco Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)

Jaleco Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)

Jaleco Europe (London, England)

Jaleco Europe (London, England)

Jaleco USA (Northbrook, IL)

Product Management
International Coordination
Management & Supervision of Marketing, Advertising, & Package Design
Package Design & Layout
Package Copy Writer
Instruction Manual Writer
Instruction Manual Design & Layout
Game Testers (USA)
Special Thanks (for the chicken soup)
More Special Thanks to Licensing Agent of Marjacq Micro Ltd. (London, England)
Best Fries East of Idaho
  • Cravings of Northbrook IL
Interplanetary Mix Phase
  • 444
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Credits contributed by Joshua J. Slone.