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Walker is classic 2D shooter with the side-scrolling from the right to the left. Player takes control of gigantic robot AG-9 (codename Walker). The mission is simple - guide Walker through the four time zones and kill everybody/destroy everything. Every zone is also divided into two parts. The road is full of trained enemies with one single purpose - to destroy Walker. However, except relative immunity, the robot is equipped with twin 30mm carbines cannons. The number of enemies are actually huge, they are attacking in groups, off the ground and from the air. Also, every time zone consist of special types of enemies which force player to stay alert. As usual, there is a powerful boss at the end of level (luckily each boss has its own weak spot).

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One of Psygnosis best

The Good
Anyone who ever owned an Amiga back in the days will remember this game. It is an absolute classic.

A gigantic ED209-like combat robot is sent from the future to Berlin, Germany during the second World War. The player controls the "Walker" with the cursor keys and aims it's machine gun with the mouse. The steering is a bit similiar to the game Abuse which came a few years later. You walk through levels shooting enemy soldiers on the ground (you can also crush them by walking on them!), airplanes, soldiers coming down with parachutes, vehicles, cannons, etc. If you loved killing everyone in Lemmings, you will love Walker. The style of the graphics are very similar, and the enemies are about the same size as the lemmings. Only in Lemmings, you needed to save the little creatures. In Walker, the goal is to wipe them all out! Massacre!

The Bad
The game is absolutely fantastic. The graphics, the sounds (with the ultracool radio-speech and everything!), the gameplay.... absolutely nothing bad about the game, except for one major detail - the loading times. The game came on three disks, which in THEORY should load pretty fast, but having to wait what feels like almost 10 minutes just for the first level to load is ridiculous. My guess is that the data is extremely crunched.... If you are to play this game with an emulator (like WinUAE), I recommend getting the WHDLoad version of the game, which is done by Codetapper. I don't know any download location for this, but you can always ask on the English Amiga Board at this URL: http://eab.abime.net

The Bottom Line
Walker is possibly the best title Psygnosis ever did for the Amiga. It's on shared first place with Hired Guns. It is a true classic, and it hasn't aged a day. This game doesn't just bring back a endless waves of nostalgia, but should also appeal to new players as well.

Excellent work, Psygnosis!

Amiga · by xxxxxxxxxxx (196) · 2006



Until a couple of months before its release, the game was to feature two different types of levels, alternate levels being platform shooters. However, they decided that this section wasn't up to standard, and decided to stick to the basic shoot-em-up.

The game was ultimately in development for three or four years. The Walker project went into limbo for a year or two, during which time someone in DMA Design came up with the idea for Lemmings. Finally, Walker was released in 1993.

Walker's Head

Scott Johnston rendered the head of the Walker using a small 3D program he wrote, to get all the different positions right. He then went in with a pixel drawing program to touch up the result.

Information also contributed by B.L. Stryker and Martin Smith.

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