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Uwol: Quest for Money


Uwol: Quest for Money is a 2D fixed-screen platform game about the character Uwol. It is set in the manor Storm Palace owned by an eccentric millionaire where the rooms are arranged like a pyramid. Each room represents a single-screen platform level with coins and enemies. By moving through any of the four sides of the screen the character appears on the other side. When all coins are collected two exits appears and Uwol can choose a new level in the pyramid with some freedom for the path to follow based on the chosen exit. To win the game a total of 255 coins has to be collected. If the bottom of the pyramid is reached without the required amount the game restarts and a different path can be chosen, avoiding the empty rooms, to collect additional coins.

Levels have three types of enemies: Franky, Vampy and Wolfy. Enemies cannot be attacked, they can only be avoided. There is only a small amount of time to clear a room. When time runs out Fanty is summoned who can freely move around the screen and chases Uwol until the character is dead or all coins are collected and the exit is reached after all. Uwol starts with three lives but a single hit is not deadly right away. When hit once, Uwol loses his clothes and a second hit will kill them. By picking up a T-shirt the protection is regained.

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