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Ramiro el Vampiro

aka: Ramiro El Vampiro: R, Ramiro El Vampiro: Revamped


This release, better known as Ramiro el Vampiro: Revamp, is an updated and expanded version of the 2013 game Ramiro, the Vampire. Originally made available as a cassette release through a 2016 crowdfunding campaign it was eventually also released as a free download release in 2018.

The original game is largely intact, but it was ported to the developers' later MK2 engine providing more fluent movement in the controls. The dialogue was redesigned to be shown in text boxes and new text was written for the dialogue to add more humour. Every screen now also has its own rhyming title. The entire soundtrack consists of new music composed by David Sánchez. The existing two chapters were expanded with a third, entirely new chapter, with all-new content for the game.

The crowdfunded version comes on a cassette tape and backers also received an edible snack along with it: a Chumibollo.

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Credits (ZX Spectrum version)

11 People

1-bit SFX created using BeepFX's example project by
Powered by MT MK2 v0.9b by
  • The Mojon Twins
Powered by splib2 by
Uses aPPack decompressor by
Uses aPPack decompressor adapted by
Uses aPPack decompressor optimized by
Music tracks composed in
  • Beepola
  • The Mojon Twins

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  • MobyGames ID: 130970


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