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Cartels & Cutthroat$

aka: Cartels & Cutthroat$: A Computer Game of Business Strategy, Cartels & Cutthroats, Cartels & Cutthroats: The Business Strategy Game

[ All ] [ Apple II ] [ Commodore 64 ] [ DOS ]

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Computer Gaming World (CGW) N/A

While an excellent program, the casual gamer may find his interest wane after a short time. This game is best suited for those who are interested in marketing simulations and are willing to expend the time needed to play them well.

Jan 1982 · Apple II

Computer Gaming World (CGW) N/A

The documentation is excellent. The fifteen page rulebook explains the rules clearly; giving you an understanding of what is happening and includes strategy tips. There is enough information here to qualify this game as an introductory course for Micro-economics; in fact, at a recent seminar, CARTELS & CUTTHROATS was shown as an example of Computer-Assisted Instruction. Don't let that fool you; it's a great game!

Jul 1982 · Apple II

Computer Gaming World (CGW) N/A

Yes, the game does have limitations. For instance, you can never have more than one product whereas most makers of cars, stereos, computers, etc. have models to fit many tastes and pocketbooks. Or, if you need more money to build a factory, you can't issue bonds or stock, you can only borrow it. So, it's a bit simpler than the real world, but you won't notice when you're in the middle of a price war. More likely, you'll be hinting loudly that if prices don't stabilize, NOBODY will be making a profit. Oh yeah, there's no law against price fixing either .. .

Oct 1983 · Apple II

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