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Lala the Magical is a 2D side-scrolling platformer based on the 2010 title Lala: Prologue by the same developer. It was originally created for the 2016 NESdev Competition. While the very early parts still have some resemblance to the original game, the majority of the content and the gameplay mechanics, as well as the story with its multiple stages and cut-scenes, is entirely new and very different.

Lala is a magic apprentice in the province of Badajoz where she lives with her teacher. She is a little bored and when her teacher is away for a few days, she decides to try an enter the Sky Palace. It is a dangerous place her teacher has warned her about, but she wants to try to enter it and collect the three power gems that are hidden there. First Lala needs to locate her teacher's magic wand. This is done in the first stage which is the closest to the original game. Lala can move around freely, but has no means to attack. She has to complete platforming sections and avoid enemies to collect eight potions to become stronger and locate a key that opens the teacher's locked dungeon. Horizontally the screen scrolls but vertically the game uses the fixed-screen flip system of the original game to connect rooms. She starts with three lives and a single collision with an enemy or a hazard such as spikes removes one. Every now and then she can find a heart-shaped lollipop that restores a life.

Once the wand is discovered Lala can start the second stage with new gameplay mechanics to reach the Sky Palace. She can swing her wand and another ability allows her to create a temporary platform in the air, but only one at a time. This mechanic is often used to cross large gaps. Lala can also use it quickly in succession to climb anywhere. Stage three is about locating the three power gems. Each room in the palace has a door that is opened with a switch and there is time pressure. When the sun sets, visible through changes in the sky background, everything will get darker until it is pitch black. Eventually the palace disappears complete. Doors you have opened remain open so you can progress faster for a new run.

In the last stage Lala needs to collect coins and when all of them are collected an invincible ghost is released, chasing her relentlessly across the entire level. Waving Lala's wand is needed to scare the ghosts away. There are cut-scenes that further the story between levels.

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