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aka: Classic Elite, Elite Plus

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Popular Computing Weekly ( ) (100%)

I play throughout the day. I play into the night. Have they done it? Yes! So if you want to live this adventure, join the Elite, and one day, with years of experience behind us, we'll meet on a space station in some galaxy far from our starting point and swap stories of space trading.

Nov 28th, 1985 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Your Computer ( ) (100%)

Frankly a program no self-respecting Spectrum owner can afford to be without.

Jan 1986 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Sinclair User ( ) (100%)

The Cobra's huge engines moan into life as you sit tensely at the controls waiting to be shot out of the space station. Your ship is the best of the medium-range, medium capacity, fighter traders and is ideal for transporting legal and illegal cargoes across the universe. It incorporates defensive screens, pulse lasers and missile launch facilities, while also being able to handle the jump to hyperspace. Once you have cleared the Coriolis space station, orbiting around the planet Lave, you can look out into space, turning your 3D display window to look at the star fields.

Nov 1985 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Tilt (6 out of 6) (100%)

Il est dĂ©sormais disponible sur Spectrum et ne perd rien de sa puissance, tant pour l'intĂ©rĂȘt que pour le graphisme qui demeure inchangĂ©. Un must.

May 1986 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (37 out of 40) (92%)

This is definitely a game that no-one who owns a computer should be without. Take my advice, buy it and you probably won't be seen for six months.

Dec 1985 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Crash! (92 out of 100) (92%)

Starting life on the BBC, Elite was converted for the Commodore and, has just appeared for the Spectrum, a mere three months late. It will go down in history as the first major piece of software to be supplied with the Lenslock protection device - a cunning way of preventing piracy by supplying a plastic decoding lens which is used to discover the encrypted access code for the game. In essence, after loading you need to look through the lens onto the screen in order to see the code letters which must be input before the program will RUN. The cassette is also accompanied by a slim novella which sets the scene.

Nov 1985 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Your Sinclair (9 out of 10) (90%)

You should be this compilation for Elite alone. It's a classic Spectrum game, and it's been out of circulation for far too long.

Dec 1988 · ZX Spectrum · read review

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