Sneak 'n Peek

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Atari 2600 version

Illogic Defines This Game.

The Good
It's an interesting concept, and certainly not one (even today) that's often replicated: One player hides, the other player finds them. The old children's game brought to the digital age.

But that's where the "good idea" ends, really, as the actual game is easier to play without as much effort.

To its credit, it also plays a few chipper tunes, and there's some little animations in the game as you search inside and outside the house. But it's not much.

The Bad
The biggest problem is that the game is asking too much from the player. To make the game work, you would need the seeker to actually close their eyes or physically leave the room while the other player is hiding, which is really pushing it. To actually look renders the point of the whole game unplayable, and even then, one begins to wonder if there's actually enough interest to go through with it.

There was a one-player version of this game, but that was even more boring due to the lack of a friend being around.

The second most outstanding problem is the places where a person can actually hide. Okay, so in closets, under beds, behind couches, behind the house, all make sense. But UNDER the driveway? UNDER a couch? UNDER floors? This is only a smattering of the physically impossible places the characters characters can hide. Abstract thinking is a must in order to succeed in this game, and the physics already feel broken in this title.

The graphics are also a low point. The house itself is sparse. There's a couch in one room. A bed in another. There are college dorms that have more going on with them than this entire house. And then there's the subject of the characters in this game. Someone did not study anatomy clearly as one of the arms is positioned so low that it looks like... something else instead. The players look like their character designs were taken from those pornographic "Swedish Erotica" games, but less inspired. At least those were intentional.

That "chipper" music mentioned earlier? It's fine for a minute of two, and then it begins to grate.

And as try as you might, the character can't run away from the house, no matter how far down the driveway they go.

The Bottom Line
It's an interesting idea of a game, but a totally flawed execution.

Bad graphics, bad sound, bad collision, bad idea. These are the types of games that wiped out the Atari, and its easy to figure out why. This wouldn't even pass as a free Flash game today.

Outside of the novelty value, this is a painful experiment of a game, and even the laughs are short-lived, what little there are.

If ever asked to play this game, do your own hiding from it.

by Guy Chapman (1746) on December 5th, 2007

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