Sneak 'n Peek

Moby ID: 13254

Atari 2600 version

Pointless, boring, stupid, and aggravating.

The Good
The smoke coming out of the chimney in the exterior screen looks pretty cool.

The Bad
This game is the electronic equivalent of Hide and Seek. You'll need a friend to be the other player, but you'll have to take turns looking away from the screen so you can hide in one of a handful of locations that are extremely counter-intuitive (like, go outside and walk off the screen at exactly the Xth pixel from the top). The game will be frustrating to first-timers and the replay value is non-existent because once you figure out where all the hiding spots are, the challenge is gone. Why would anyone want to play this game when if you already have two people anyway, you can just play Hide and Seek in your own house and have more fun doing it?

Aside from that, the control is awkward and sometimes you accidentally get stuck with a hiding spot you didn't want and there's no way to change it. Aside from a cool smoke effect, the graphics are horrible even by Atari 2600 standards. The music's rhythm is off, and the tones are painfully wrong. These are what takes an already pointless and inane game and make it painful to play.

The Bottom Line
I'd say it's an absolute waste of time and quite possibly the worst game I've ever played.

by Tom White (35) on June 12th, 2009

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