Fase Bonus: The Game


Fase Bonus: The Game is a game made to celebrate the 200th episode of the Fase Bonus podcast. In this 2D platformer the player's character needs to help Ignacio (one of the podcast hosts called Ignacio Zarranz) to collect tapes with fragments of the 200th podcast that are lost and have been scattered all over the city. Once all tapes are gathered they need to be taken to Albert (Alberto Moreno, the other host), who will put them together. Characters called Roboces roam the streets and fortunately Ignacio has a sexual whip you are allowed to use to defeat them.

The game contains a large level composed of several single-screen rooms connected both horizontally and vertically using the flip-screen mechanic, offering an amount of freedom. The player's character starts with five lives and needs to complete platforming sections. Enemies can be taken out with the whip. Colliding with an enemy or a hazard removes a life right away. By exploring the several tapes need to be collected.


Credits (ZX Spectrum version)

9 People

Concept and Story
  • The Mojon Twins and Fase Bonus
Music & SFX
Loading Screen
Featuring the likeness of
Powered by
  • MT Engine MK 2
Fase Bonus: The Game
  • Colección Pretujao - vol #21

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  • MobyGames ID: 132648


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