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Cheril the Writer is a game in the long-running series starring the eponymous character as the protagonist. This time Cheril heads to Pepinoni to spend her holidays and where she intends to start work on a book about retro video games. She has a meeting with her editor Amador who will supply the content of the book so she just need to copy and paste it. But when she arrives in Pepinoni everything is a mess. It is overrun by zombies so she has to clear the streets once again.

This 2D platform game consists of several stages. They consist of multiple single-screen rooms connected both horizontally and vertically using the flip-screen mechanic, offering freedom to explore in any direction. There are several platforming sections to complete while avoiding enemies and hazards such as spikes. She has five lives and additional ones are provided by picking up hearts. Cheril has two types of jumps: a short one and a high one, depending on how long the button is held. To complete a level she needs to restore a temple by putting objects back in their original position similar to the mechanic previously used in Cheril the Goddess. She encounters several objects that need to be carried to another location. But she can only carry one object at a time.

Cheril initially has no means to attack, but a game mechanic previously explored in Mega Cheril Perils is revisited. Certain rooms contain a green device she can activate. The screen turns grey and a countdown from ten is started. During that period all enemies are frozen and Cheril can jump on top of them to take them out permanently. The effect is not limited to the room where the device is activated and it can be activated again. True to the series' legacy certain sections are guarded by an old man. Instead of a key Cheril needs to locate and bring him a piece of lingerie so he will let her pass.

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