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Based on MTV's claymation animation show Celebrity Deathmatch. You play a series of wrestling matches, much in the style of other wrestling games. The twist being, that you play one of various celebrities, such as Marilyn Manson and Carmen Electra. Various weapons appear in the ring during play, such as a chainsaw and crossbow. The game is set out in 6 "episodes" of 3 matches each, and you can play either of the celebrities in each match.

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Average score: 36% (based on 36 ratings)


Average score: 2.9 out of 5 (based on 28 ratings with 3 reviews)

Not the best fighting game, but not the worst...

The Good
Well, this is actually a fun game in retrospect, though it can (like all fighting games) get boring when you play out so many fights. First, I love the idea of every celebrity (including the one you make) having a fatality. I love fatalities in a fighting game, that is why Mortal Kombat (all of them) is my favorite fighting game...the fatalities. Now I'm gonna say right now, not all fatalities in this are great, some are even bad and boring, but there are some good ones, like...well I won't give them away. I for one also liked the control in the game, very simple. X to attack, [] (square) to attack, 0 (circle) for a "Throw" attack, and a normal attack, and ^ (triangle) for a special attack, each celebrity has one. I also like how the fatalities are very, very easy to pull off. Simply walk up to your opponent when the word KILL is is above your health, and press circle when stars appear around your enemies head, and Bam! Instant fatality. There is also a good size of celebrities to play as, including ones to unlock by beating story mode, and also rings (places to fight of course) to unlock. Can't forget the ability to make your own celebrity...well sort of.

The Bad
Okay, let's face it, this game is not perfect, it can boring when you play for long periods of time, also there is only one fatality per celebrity. Now that would be okay, if most of the fatalities were not so lame. Also, there is no strategy in the game what so ever, just mash your four buttons, and when you opponent tries to hit you, not "throw" you, but hit you simply block and then run like behind them and give a beat down. Now in multi-play with a friend this is okay, because it will be a challenge to win, but on single play, the computers are push-overs. Even at the hardest possible difficult, they are easy to beat. So unlocking everything in the game will take you roughly an hour, maybe even thirty minutes.

The Bottom Line
Well, it's a hit and miss, it is fun, multi-play is where most of the fun is, but it is also limited in features, making it dull in a couple of hours or so, or less depending on your view on fighting games. So if you like fighting, or celebrity deathmatch, give it a rental. If you like fighting, you may just get some enjoyment out of it. If you don't like either...stay and I repeat, stay far away from this 1000 yards maybe.

PlayStation 2 · by leon101 (44) · 2005

great idea, terrible game.

The Good
i'm sad to say that i like very little about this game. i can say the graphics aren't too bad and it's a fighting game with celebrities.

The Bad
the worst thing about this game is the control. the control is horrible. celebrity deathmatch has the worst control i've ever played in a game. control and the characters' lame special moves are this game's downfall. they just throw this crap together for the money.

The Bottom Line
read this very carefully, this is not a good game. do not buy this for any price.

Xbox · by jgusw (3) · 2005

A Fun and Entertaining Short Game

The Good
A feel good game with plenty of blood, making the jump from TV show to computer doesn't always work but in this case, worked really well. The animation for an early PS2 game is really good and once again works well towards looking like the TV show.

The Bad
Could have been more characters and the commentary could have been more varied, there is the occasional glitch in the graphics when doing the finishing moves. The lack of variation on the commentary and the lack of characters make the game pretty repetitive after a while.

The Bottom Line
Fun, fun, fun. Once you listen to all the different lines in the commentary (which you will laugh at) and done the finishing moves (some of which you will cringe at) and beat Justin Timberlake to a pulp a few times. You may be looking for a bigger challenge.

PlayStation 2 · by Sean Mulgrew (11) · 2007


Cancelled GameCube version

A GameCube version was announced, but was ultimately cancelled.


  • 4Players
    • 2003 – Biggest Console Flop of the Year (PlayStation 2, Xbox)

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