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Seven Kingdoms is a 2D strategy game designed by Trevor Chan, the author of Capitalism. Players choose to play as one of seven human civilizations, each with different stats. They command ordinary people from villages, soldiers recruited in forts, as well as ships and war machines that must be researched first.

Military might is not enough to win the game. Players must plan actions a few steps ahead, trade with other races, build up industry and new villages, and establish diplomatic contacts (spies are included). Cities can be taken over peacefully, for example by making donations to residents. There are two main resources - food and gold. The player has a rate of popularity among his subjects. The game has some unplayable, non-human races - Frythans. They are stronger than men, but have fewer types of units. The lairs in which they reside can be destroyed.


  • δΈƒηŽ‹ε›½ - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Real-time Wars against Frythans begin!

The Good
Forward pure formality - Seven Kingdoms is RTS .... however, the game is different from "classic games" of the genre, because gathering raw materials are only background, a battles are only "optional". Game has seven playable human races - Japanese, Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Normans, Persians and the Chinese. Cities and stronghold are very important - in the cities, we can recruit new people -few types of workers and soldiers. The cites are controlled by the strongholds, where are soldiers and commanders. The soldiers in the forts are not sitting unproductively, but they are learning - thanks to the old professional army is stronger than the rookies. We can also recruit mercenaries, but of course, it costs a lot of gold. But that's not all. Special "magic" towers are developed secret techniques, enabling the construction of siege engines of war in the factories. OK, what's next? We have espionage and diplomacy - economic pacts, military allies, demand tributes... nice. Conquering can be "smart" or "blood" - what do you choose? Sound is very interesting. Units like the talk of the player, make a short monologue - like in warcraft. Good Work!

The Bad
7 Kingdoms does not have many weaknesses... but: Special races: Frythans - very powerful monsters, that threaten people. Great concept... but we cannot control them :(. Human races does not vary too. It is a pity. And now...the graphics are "old". Faded colors, "not high-definition" 2D. - but all in all it is not surprising, just because the game is old. (Thank you, Captain Obvious!)

The Bottom Line
Trevor Chan was able to make a good game and this is a good example. Seven Kingdoms has mechanisms other than most RTS, and is an interesting title. The game for hours of play.

Windows · by 666gonzo666 (66189) · 2013



  • Power Play
    • Issue 02/1998 – Best Real-Time Strategy Game in 1997

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