Shantae and the Seven Sirens

aka: Shantae 5

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Sequential Planet (9.3 out of 10)

If you need a nice cartoony game full of friendly characters and pure fun to give you a break from the grimdark apocalypses and space wars, look no further than this; it’s guaranteed to enshant you.

May 30th, 2020 · Nintendo Switch · read review

Nintendo Central (9 out of 10)

Shantae And The Seven Sirens is a true masterpiece in the metroidvania genre and one that will charm you the moment you boot it up.

May 31st, 2020 · Nintendo Switch · read review

Nintendo Link (90 out of 100)

I honestly have to recommend this game in the highest way possible. As a fan of the series, I cannot encourage other fans enough to dive in. For first timers, this is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the Shantae series. And for fans of metroidvanias, why would you rob yourself of a good time within your preferred genre? This is Shantae at its best, and it may be time for you to dive in.

Feb 9th, 2021 · Nintendo Switch · read review (80 out of 100)

WayForward sorgt zwar nicht gerade für neue Impulse im überbevölkerten Genre der offenen 2D-Plattformer, liefert aber bewährte Qualität ab, die sich diesmal stärker auf die eigenen Wurzeln besinnt. Statt 3D-Spielereien mit verschiedenen Ebenen gibt es ein charmantes, typisch albern inszeniertes Erkundungsabenteuer mit einem Mix aus Hüpfen, Headbangen und zahlreichen Extras wie Tier-Verwandlungen und magischen Tänzen. Mit seiner überschaubaren Karte und etwas zu üppig vorhandenen Schätzen fühlen sich manche Kämpfe schon zu einfach an. Für mich war das Spiel aber trotzdem eine willkommene Abwechslung zu kniffligeren Genrevertretern wie Ori. Die entspannte Erkundung passt gut zur hübsch designten tropischen Urlaubskulisse, die mit Hilfe zahlreicher Extras und Fähigkeiten immer neue Geheimnisse und verrückte Wesen offenbart.

Jun 10th, 2020 · Nintendo Switch · read review

FNintendo (8 out of 10)

Infelizmente o nível de dificuldade é muito baixo, o mapa disponível no menu principal não é o mais prestável e a banda sonora carece do que tornou a série tão memorável. Contudo, todos os outros elementos funcionam muito bem em conjunto e fazem de Seven Sirens um jogo facilmente recomendável para qualquer fã ou curioso.

Jun 10th, 2020 · Nintendo Switch · read review

Switch Indie Fix (7 out of 10)

All in all, Seven Sirens is another very good entry in the series. The combat, the characters, the vibrancy, it’s all great. If you like Shantae and her peppy ways, and you’re looking for more of the same, then I would say definitely go for it. If the style doesn’t quite look right for you, or if you’re a seasoned metroidvania player, then it comes with a cautious recommendation; there are definitely better examples available on Switch, but I doubt any of them are quite so genielicious.

Jun 12th, 2020 · Nintendo Switch · read review

Otaku Gamers UK ( )

A brilliant title and another notch on Shantae’s belt. Doesn’t do much to change up the formula but for fans of the genre or the character there is enough here to love.

Jun 8th, 2020 · Nintendo Switch · read review

Entertainium N/A

For as easy and positively safe of a bet Shantae and the Seven Sirens might be, it’s an gorgeously well put together platformer that’s a lot of fun to play that comes from a developer that’s become proficient at putting out heavily nostalgic and polished games. I had such a great time playing through this that I might just look into filling that gap in my gaming vernaculum and go back to play the older entries in the series when time permits. Consider me under Shantae’s spell!

Jun 10th, 2020 · Nintendo Switch · read review

Gameplay (Benelux) N/A

Shantae-fans zullen weinig verrassingen ontdekken in The Seven Sirens, maar dankzij de gestroomlijnde gameplay is dit eenvoudige avontuur wel een van de beste delen in de reeks.

Jun 19th, 2020 · Nintendo Switch

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