Lucid Awakening 2

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## Overview

Play through an engaging and emotional story set in a deep world full of its own original mythology and history. The universe and all its inhabitants have been reincarnated, but the world’s structure isn’t how it should be. Those who can dream are considered cursed in this society. You’ll solve the mysteries behind the Dreamers, and even enter into their Dreamspaces for unique, interesting areas to explore.

Take advantage of the Dual Soul class system, switching between Pure and Veil classes in the heat of battle, to conquer challenging enemies and bosses.

Note: The game has an optional 'Lucid Awakening 1 Primer' in-game that will tell you everything you need to know about Lucid Awakening 1. This way you can start off with Lucid Awakening 2.

Find out more about the mythology here:
The Worlds of Lucid Awakening 2

Read more about the story here:
Story Overview## Dual Soul System

Zeke, Silas, and Terra have the ability to transform into various ‘Souls.’ These forms are actually the result of their bodies recreating past lives they lived in previous Epochs.

Each of the three characters has their own unique set of Pure and Veil Souls they will obtain throughout the story. You can assign one Pure and one Veil Soul outside of battle, then freely switch between the two in battle.

All enemies are also either Pure or Veil. Souls and enemies deal more damage to the opposing alignment but deal less damage to the same alignment. They will also receive more damage from the opposing alignment and take less damage from the same alignment.

Read more about the Dual Soul System here:
Dual Soul System

Original character art by Coyotecraft.

Source: Steam Store Description


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