Strike Commander

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DOS credits (1993)

60 people with 132 credits.

Producer Chris Roberts
Director Chris Roberts
Associate Producer Erin D. Roberts
Original Outline Jeff George, Chris Roberts
RealSpace System Programming Paul C. Isaac, Chris Roberts, Jason Templeman
Graphics Primitives Paul C. Isaac, Chris Roberts, Miles Design
Flight Models Arthur DiBianca, Jason Templeman
Computer Intelligence Frank Savage, Jason Templeman, Jason Yenawine
Cockpit, HUD, and MFDs Bill Baldwin, Thomas Blom, Arthur DiBianca, Paul C. Isaac, Chris Roberts, Frank Savage, Jason Templeman
Weapon Systems Frank Savage, Jason Templeman
Mission System Paul C. Isaac, Frank Savage
Cameras Chris Roberts
Visual Effects Chris Roberts
Audio System Bill Baldwin, Miles Design
RealSpace Terrain Editor Bill Baldwin, Frank Savage
RealSpace Object Editor Paul C. Isaac
Option Scenes Bill Baldwin, Arthur DiBianca
Cinematic Sequences Bill Baldwin, Arthur DiBianca, Richard Dean Johnson
Install Program Scott Biggs
JEMM Jason Yenawine
NIM System Programming Scott Biggs
Library Code Bill Baldwin, Paul C. Isaac, Will McBurnett, Chris Roberts, Zachary Booth Simpson, Philip H. Sulak, Jeff Wilson, Jason Yenawine
Additional Programming Eric Hyman
Technical Consultant Greg Passmore
Simulation Consultants Karl Heinz, Karl Kuschner
Flight Music Dana Glover, Nenad Vugrinec
Cinematic Music Randy Buck, Dana Glover, Marc Schaefgen
Option Scene Music Nenad Vugrinec
Ad Lib Music Conversion Nenad Vugrinec, Kirk Winterrowd
Additional Music Martin Galway
Sound Effects John Tipton, Nenad Vugrinec, Kirk Winterrowd
Digital Processing Software Martin Galway, Jeff Wilson
Digital Sampling/Effects Randy Buck
NIM System Design Martin Galway, Nenad Vugrinec
Voices Joshua Blyde (as Walters), Tom Byrne (as Lyle), Jean-Marc Chemla (as Prideaux), Christian Gerard (as Billy), Craig Halverson (as the Drunk), Lucinda Hinton (as Gwen), Richard Jones (as Stern), Bruce Lemons (as the Informant), Celso Martinez (as Miguel), Richard Mather (as Thug in Alley), Marco Perella (as Tex), Tony Perensky (as Janet), Don Phillips (as Virgil), Harry Porter (as Mendez), Jason Tirado (as The Hero), Norma J. Vargas (as the On Board Warning System)
3-D Studio Sets and Meshes Chris Douglas, Danny Garrett, Bruce Lemons, Jake Rodgers
Cinematic Animation Chris Douglas, Craig Halverson, Bruce Lemons, Denis R. Loubet, Jake Rodgers
Backgrounds Craig Halverson, Bruce Lemons, Denis R. Loubet
Character Animations Chris Douglas, Danny Garrett, Craig Halverson, Denis R. Loubet
Menus and Fonts Bruce Lemons
RealSpace Terrain Textures Craig Halverson
RealSpace Buildings Bruce Lemons, Paul Steed
RealSpace Planes and Vehicles Paul Steed
Documentation Graphics Paul Steed
Box Design Jennifer Davis, Craig Miller
Documentation Robert Irving, Prem Krishnan, Tim Ray
Editing Carolyn Cutler, David Ladyman
Graphic Design Jennifer Davis
Screenplay Gilbert P. Austin
Gameflow Robert Irving
Additional Conversations Robert Irving
Map Design and Layout Tim Ray
Mission Design Gilbert P. Austin, Tim Ray, Chris Roberts, Jason Templeman
Mission Layout Robert Irving, Prem Krishnan, Tim Ray
Vehicle, weapon, and Plane Data Tim Ray
German Manual Translation Roswitha Shoemake, Kirsten Vaughan, Mark Grünert
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