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Encyclopedia of War: Ancient Battles

aka: Ancient Battles, Ancient Battles: Enciclopedia de la Guerra

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Critic Reviews 77% add missing review

Computer Gaming World (CGW) ( ) (80%)

One of the more serious simulators, this covers the Battles of Hydaspes (326 BC), Zama (202 BC), Cynocephalae (197 BC), Pharsalus (44 BC), and Chalons (451 AD). The graphics are not awe-inspiring, but are adequate, and a scenario generator allows for user expansion and creativity.

Oct 1990 · DOS

ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) (742 out of 1000) (74%)

It's not as detailed, or as good, as his [R. T. Smith] previous games, with the number of options open to you during play being limited, but it plays well and the design option means you'll get a lot of play from the game. Worth looking at especially if you're interested in the period.

May 1989 · DOS · read review

Computer Gaming World (CGW) N/A

Ancient Battles is an enjoyable game that will continue to challenge players long after other games have started to gather dust on the shelf. The subject matter is a refreshing change of pace for experienced wargamers, but remains basic enough for budding enthusiasts to master. Hopefully, CCS will continue this series with a treatment of ancient naval warfare or a solid look at the medieval world. One thing is certain, however, AB is capable of keeping players busy until a sequel is released.

May 1989 · DOS

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